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So in my dream I wasn't dreaming

So in my dream I wasn't dreaming about anything in particular but it was relaxed and happy like floating around in my subconscious. Then suddenly it felt like someone had grabbed my entire body and squeezed it and made some sort of inhuman sound in my ear. At this point I startled awake and thought that someone was in my room in the middle of the night and I just froze and slowly tried to move only managing to move my hand a little bit. Then after a little while I turned over. So fricken frightened. Nothing was there but I couldn't get the feeling of something grabbing me and making such a terrifying noice in my ear. Like it was low not a growl or a groan, a noice I haven't heard before. Now I haven't really dreamt or had a nightmare since I was in primary I'm twenty one. Can you interpret this for me if you can find meaning or. Is it just a meh dream?

I was with my biological mother. Her

I was with my biological mother. Her husband began chasing me around the house with an axe, so she drove me to a grocery store. Before we went in, she hugged me, and her skin was really soft. Her husband found me in the grocery store and was chasing me with and old woman who also had an axe, and she had a walkie talkie on her hip. I ran into a back room where I saw one of my teachers and several friends from school. My biological mother then drove away with me and we crashed in a corn field.

I have been extremely tired today for

I have been extremely tired today for no reason. I took about an hour and a half to two hour nap just now, and when I woke up this is how I felt: I can't remember the dream exactly, but I remember it felt warm and welcoming. Kind of like I was going "home" for the first time in a long time. Like my dream state was reality, and I felt relieved and relaxed. Since I've been awake I feel kind of sad, and I have no explanation as to why. Someone explain this to me please haha