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My adult daughter, who is a mum

My adult daughter, who is a mum of three, is holding someone else’s tiny baby. I go over and stroke its head, thinking how sweet my own babies were. She has a big lower lip

Dream walking up stairs with slippery tiles

Dream walking up stairs with slippery tiles where I struggled to finish the stairs then I taught of taking off my shoes to try going up the stairs. While almost fini the stairs I met 2 babies crawling downstairs one after the other. I felt bad seeing them crawling downstairs and immediately I asked some ladies who were sitted on the upfloor why they endanger the babies like this. Before finish asking them, one of the babies who was following from back missed one stairs and fall on head. I rushed to help the baby and see if it was alive since I feared it dead. Fortunately the baby was OK . I the saw myself taking the baby and gave it to the lady responsible and I saw the lady throwing the baby to another lady who was near the stairs like she don't care about the baby.

I saw myself in a problem then

I saw myself in a problem then two babies (look like twins) came to help me then suddenly my cousin (she is married for more than 5 years but she doesn't have a baby yet) came to rescue us

In reality, I'm unmarried. The dream goes

In reality, I'm unmarried. The dream goes by. I was pregnant with a baby. My brother Abi was buying something as U asked him to in the terrace. I got pain and my mom took over the delivery. I pushed. The baby was laid beside my stomach in the ground and the umblical cord was took out and probably cut. I din remember after that. Shortly after that I was again pregnant with a baby again. I went to terrace in search of Abi to get me something to eat. He wasn't there. But my grandpa was there. I was kinda afraid of him and was leaving. He asked me what I wanted to eat as he was gonna get money from attending a meeting. He will be attending that meeting near our place. No one got that luck to attend it near their place but he got. He will be getting 29,250 from that meeting. I asked him for a rose milk but he said no. So I asked for a badam milk. He said ok. Suddenly I got delivery pain. I shouted for my mom. She came and I pushed out a baby. I holded my mom's had for the 1st baby and my grandpa's hand shortly for the 2nd baby. After waking up I din see my babies. I was shouting and banging the table for the babies. It was like a factory or something. My Mom came out and handed me the baby. Both the babies I pushed out were girls. I was in pain in my stomach. We all went somewhere, near the door or something in the factory like area. There came my husband. He was the actor Ram pothineni. I was in a anger that he din even there for my delivery. I went to him with open handed for a hug and he too. I stopped him before the hug and I hugged him as my mom , grandpa , grandma standing behind me. I head was lying on his shoulder. I was saying him while hugging I din even get to hold his hand during my delivery and I'm in pain in my stomach. He told me let's go home and everything's alright. It's like I was just relying on him for my pain and like love but with love. I'm so confused about what was I thinking then. My mom and grandma took care of babies. While babies were playing I was saying to my husband that were my art or something. And tgey were like or they were twins. Later they said that they were going home and can't spend their time with me. I looked at babies they were not babies anymore. They were running and playing.

First part was we were at school

First part was we were at school and we had an event. My first ex came because she was some soft of a visitor there. We we are somewhere café and I wanted to talk to her and be her best friend again but she is always busy and had to go home since her parents were outside as I was still trying to talk to her. My second dream was weird, we were somewhere not near the city and just grass and some trees. There were a lot of people and we were divided by 3 each at least. each has their own hiding spot and we would change our spots so the ones that will check on us will not recognize us for we were planning for an escape. It was fine at first, not really brutal but scary. The soldiers would randomly check and kill if they want to. I was with an older person like a 5 years gap and a baby. Each should have a baby and must protect the baby at all costs. At the beginning, we kept on changing spots and that draws an intimate connection with the person I was with. I start imagining the older person as my second ex and want to kiss him/her badly. So i keep trying to kiss her/him intimately when I had the chance to and he/she would not want it much for it was wrong but she/he was patient with me and understood me. So then, the last kiss was long and very passionate as I imagine my lips on the lips of my ex. It was tender, felt so good, and felt so real. I kept on saying sorry to the older person but I cannot help it. The third dream was kind of fast, it was the worst prison that I could go to. They had the monstrous boss and would kill you if you dont have a baby that you are protecting or feeding. each one has their own cell and the two older ppl must have at least one baby that they are currently taking care of. I was paired with someone and one person joined us in that cell and we gave her our baby out of pity and that left us with none. There was a checker person that was in favor of us and wanted to help us so he told us to ask for someone elses baby to take care of. So right away, we saw the front of has like 4 babies so we asked for one and promised to take care of it and we were just really close to each others cell. So then, we planned an escape but my dream ended with imagining of escaping and finding a big city. it was a lucid dreaming, i was making a big city out of the prison so taht we could stay there and be safe. I woke up and got mixed feelings.

I have had this similar dream twice.I

I have had this similar dream twice.I see dead old people in my dream. Initially they are ill and about to die. I recite azaan and shahadah for them and pray for them. They get better and then become very young as babies and children.

I give birth to twins. The doctors

I give birth to twins. The doctors send me home without the babies. Soon doctors bring one baby and leave. I cry a lot because I want my secound baby, too. My family denies that I had twins. The Doctor comes back and tells me, I only had one child and wants to leave. My secoune baby is in the car. I run after the car, holding my single twin and cry. My family tries to stop me. They say I am crazy for thinking I gave birth to twins and they will take my baby away. I call them traitors and tell them that I will never forgive them and that I hate them. I never let go of my one twin, while running to the hospital to get my other baby. I do everything for my twins to come back together. Befor I wake up, I see the hospital papers, where I find both names of my twins and then I hold them both in my arms.