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I dreamt that we were at mom's

I dreamt that we were at mom's house visiting, the couches were all re aranged, the room was very empty but I went to visit Cookie and she was sort of Happy, and had a neon green and neon orange bandana on her neck. She rolled over to give me her belly to rub but there was a HUGE cut on it, almost like a stab wound. I immediately stood up and screamed at my mom "WHY DIDN'T YOU TAKE HER TO THE VET?!" and she looked sadly at the ground and just said "I didn't have the money". It made me furious because she knows I would have dropped everything to be there in a heartbeat. Somehow she bolts outside and the rotten algea infested water in the pool and its rippling, like it's boiling (like it does when in a hurricane or torrential downpour) but it was cold and gloomy and awful and Cookie just jumps in. I'm horrified and jump in after her, when as soon as I submerge my head I see that she's on the floor of the pool almost completely having given up. I try to shout her name under water, which alerts her to me being there, then she looks as though she wants to come up and 'save me' but cant. I try to submerge myself again but my purse is on the level ground around my neck so I have to fight it off to let me go under. I can see her slowly drowning at the bottom of the pool and for some reason I absolutely cannot go under the water to save her, I can sink enough. Then Tim woke me up.

It was a hot, humid day in

It was a hot, humid day in the desert. Plopped under an enormous pine tree, I drank the last bit of water I had out of my canteen. As I peered over my black bandana that covered my face from eyes down, I saw a blob making its way closer and closer to me. The grey figure drew closer as I rose to my feet next to my pink pony, Strawberry (one of those ponies from My Little Pony). I hopped on top of its saddle and kicked her stomach, cueing her to take off. However, she was so tiny that she fell over and started to sob. Furious, I began to run the opposite way of the figure, but by the time I started running, he was already behind me grabbing the back of my shirt. “Don’t shoot my hoooooorseeeee!” I yelled as he began to repeatedly shoot my horse. But what the man didn’t know was that My Little Ponies are magical. Strawberry repelled all of the bullets and attacked the man. In less than a second, the man was trapped inside her stomach as her special stomach acids burned him to death. His horse, a muscular Black Stallion, nudged Strawberry and urged her to come back home with him. It was love at first sight! I stood from a distance as my pony took off and eventually woke up.

My family and I had moved to

My family and I had moved to a large city and there was a cast iron fence around the house but the gates were unlocked and i went inside and stated to my adult daughter that we needed to make sure that we kept the gates locked because anyone could walk into our house and take everything or kill us. At that point my son who is clean cut and also in prison awaiting appeal walks in with long hair with blond streaks with a bandana wrapped around his forehead. I asked him why his hair was like that and he stated that it was his wig. He then stated to me that he needed to hurry because he had 3 days to move out as the landlord only charged him 3 dollars so he needed to hurry. We have been waiting for his appeal and this is the third time that he will be going in front of the judges, The first was when he on trial, then the first appeal that was brought forward by the DA and now we are waiting for the appellate court so that we can hopefully get the case thrown out. To see my son free and stating that he only had 3 days to move at the cost of 3 dollars to hold the place and also the wrought iron gate that should have been locked and was situated right in front of the door.