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I dreamt I was in the car

I dreamt I was in the car with my family. Me, mum and dad but I don't know if the fourth person was my brother or Barry or neither of them. Dad was driving over a bridge and the wheel went off the side where I was sitting. The car tipped a bit and I was going to fall in to the water. Mum at this point climbed to help me and instead of falling badly, I more like slipped in to the water but it was still scary and from a bit of a height. Before I went in to the water I threw my camera to try and put it to land so it didn't get wrecked as I had a lot of pictures and memories on this, but I missed and it fell in the water. I also lost a shoe. Once in the water I found it difficult to resurface but felt my mum help to pull me up. The waters were dark and murky. Once we were on land I noticed that the water had sharks lurking around in it, but they hadn't bothered us. The idea still scared me though. I went to try and find my camera but could only see a blue one, mine was pink. The camera was lost. That was pretty much it.