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This dream begins with myself walking down

This dream begins with myself walking down a long sidewalk and a man about 14 feet away walking in the opposite direction. he was carrying a basin of water. when he saw me he lunged forward and i had to dodge quickly to avoid boiling hot water in my face. as it was, i was scalded from the wrist to the elbow. i ran . he ran after me. a dark gray granite wall ran the whole length of the sidewalk. i saw a gate open. i dashed inside. i could hear him muttering to himself. "where did he go?" then i heard a voice behind me DO NOT ANSWER HIM .i turned around and saw a man with a long white beard,with a rod of alder in one hand and a palladium sword in another.

The stage at the Oscars collapsed but

The stage at the Oscars collapsed but as an audience i helped. I became one of the bearer of the broken stage but sister called me from afar to sit down. I followed and everyone watched me with sadness...meaning?

My biological dad and grandpa are moving

My biological dad and grandpa are moving two by fours from one place to another and one motion it’s a never ending process it’s just ongoing but I am standing there looking at their backs and with every 2 x 4 that they slam it gets louder and louder to where it’s unbearable and deafening to where I have to cover my ears and all I hear is a loud high-pitched ringing I become smaller and stature and everything is vibrating

I had a dream about tardigrades but

I had a dream about tardigrades but they were blue. I was going to sleep, i took my sheets off and there were 2 chunky tardigrades/water-bears just relaxing in my bed. I was terrified, does my dream have any kind of interpretation or meaning?

My dream was about my brother and

My dream was about my brother and i were taking a slab of cow to my dad who would chop it up and freeze it for later use. it was already skinned and legs were gone head was gone and we were carrying it on our shoulders. we got to my dads apartment and it was on the ground level. from his front door i could see the drive way about 50 yards away. so my brother and i set the half of cow down in the dining room on the floor half on the tile and half on the carpet. it was bleeding still and i was saying oh shit look then all of a sudden i hear loud trumpets and it was a erie melody ive never heard before and it was accompanied by bright red and blue flashing lights like police sirens but without the siren noise just the flashing. so i stepped outside my dads front door and in the driveway their was about 6 horses each with one rider the horses were brown and the riders were wearing dark colors. i couldnt make out if the riders were male or female. the whole thing looked like a parade the music from the trumpets the flashing of the lights although i never seen the source of the lights or the music. i thought it was the cops and so i ushered everyone in the house and shut the door. right then i ran to the window next to the door and looked out. i could still see the flashing lights and hear the loud melody from the trumpets but i couldnt see the horses or anything other than the flashing lights and a old decaying hearst drivin by a late 1800s looking paul bearer and he looked decayed and wearing an old funersl type suit that had seen better days and he was looking at me real evil looking and it looked as if he was driving right through my dads door but inside the house nothing was coming through the door. so i watched untill i couldnt see the hearst anymore and right then the flashing lights was gone the sound from the trumpets were gone there was nothing so i went to the door and opened it and in the cement right outside my dads door was a old blown to shreds tire still on the rim and it was painted white but it looked like it was a 100 years old. and it was in the cement half way like a tumbstone. and i cant remember the rest

Clear Water flowing uphill and a white

Clear Water flowing uphill and a white guy coming out of the house with white shirt and light brown short pants and had a black beard, going towards the shed.