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During Super Bowl week Browns coach Hue

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The cops came and my boyfriend was

The cops came and my boyfriend was beating me up; punching me in the face over and over again, I had a swollen lip (blue and big bottom lip) He was crazy in the dream. My boyfriend drowned 2 cops in murky water. He put the cop suite on and become one of them, I ran and hid and he found me in an attic of a white and blue house. He beat me up and I ran, then he showed up at our apartment where we now live. My palms were bleeding and had pieces of medal. The neighbours on our street, were all there and he was too strong for anyone to stop getting him to come chase me.

My family, husband children and I, moved

My family, husband children and I, moved into a new home in a grassed cul de sac. We were met immediately with neighbors, they told us that there was a mother who murdered her family in the home we purchased. I went looking around the house and found a dairy of a child who was a victim. I then went to bed and I was being haunted by a spirit but the spirit was a very brite ball of light. I began going crazy. I was asked by a psychologist to draw a picture of what I was seeing. This spirit felt evil, & I was fearful of my families life as wellas my own. Then the dream switched and I was looking for work. I went down a highway with a male neighbor, he was driving because I was unable to. We went to a gas station that was hiring and then we noticed his wife was there and had applied for the job, I sat down and filled an application out any way, meanwhile the husband was being yelled at by his wife. She warped into the evil spirit, or it entered her. She came after me, I died. Then the entire dream replayed three times but with each time I began to understand and expect her moves. I knew that we would always go through the same circle of life each time we may change genders, ethnic backgrounds, age... But it always was a duel to death! Either her or I would die. Bad or good. Before I completely awoke "this was a night terror I was awake and couldn't speak or move" there were two planets... We were dueling in outer space, we both were dying and we looked on as these two worlds collided and started to become one.