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Jesus telling me I had been chosen

Jesus telling me I had been chosen and my time had come. Then he ate all my food and drank all my beer and nothing ever happened.

I went to a bar with two

I went to a bar with two romantically interested men. One had dips and the other told him to hurry up or he'd take his shot. We sat down at the bar and ordered drinks. They had cocktails and I had a beer. Next thing I wake up on the floor with someone i don't know spooning me. When I wiggle away he comes back and as I get up to put him in his place he leaves the bar with his friend. As I follow them out I feel insulted and violated, telling him off. Just before he reaches the exits I try to literally kick his behind but a duvet around my lower body restricts my reach and I miss short. I turn around and walk back too realize the men are gone and I ask the bartender how long I've been sleeping. 2 hours he says

I walk from the upper floor, where

I walk from the upper floor, where the higher years mingle, down to the 2 1/2 floor. I look into glass walled study rooms. A girl I am interested in is there. She comes out and greets me with an uncharacteristcally friendly hug. She looks excited and relieved about something. She leads me towards the stairs that lead out of the building to a beautiful sunset over neatly kept lawns. Before we can decend she is urged by someone on her research team that something needs to finalize some details before submitting. She obliges and implores me to go ahead and she will catch up. I kiss the top right corner of her face and she rushes off with her team. I turn back the way I came to the open stairs that are white, unsupported, and look like they were built to replicate orbital paths. The roof makes the building look spherical. I walk downward and see some friends. I greet them without stopping. Something is on my mind. I have some objective, but I don't know what it is. The whole building shakes and the other stairs fall. People disappear without a trace. I notice a man wearing a dark pink or extremely faded red sweater with the hood up. He seems to be bald. He has a brown and round goatee. He is standing on a scaffolding a floor above me and about 10-20 meters ahead of me. He is armed with a rifle he needs two hands to fire. He sees me and lifts the gun against his should and fast walks towards an exit that leads outside of the building. I wake up in an apartment room. The walls begin at my hips. Beneath the wall there is just a railing like on a flimsy deck. I can see the floor below me. It's a hotel lobby. It's dirty and the lights make everything a shade of piss yellow. The door has a lock, and an opaque window that takes up most of the top center. There is a second opaque window that is as tall as the door on the same side as the lock on the door. Someone in the lobby came and asked about me. I lay down and pretend to be asleep since they could see me if I was standing. The man at the desk points to my room. The man asking about me is dressed in all black and is wearing a comically large brimmed hat with a red feather. He pulls a 2 meter long weapon from his suit case and aims it towards where he thinks I am sleeping and fires. It's less than a few inches from my head. The whole pours out light, white debris, and doves mixed in with both. I roll frantically, open my door and run as fast as I can away from the lobby. I exit the back door and see a bowling alley. People are bowling and buying booze. I am a little flabberghasted because just the night before it was a theatre. I remember following a young woman in a purple dress outside. She was crying, her boyfriend commanded her into the car. It was an expensive looking car. Her hair was done up in a nice looking bun. She saw me come to her rescue and she smiled and wiped her tears away and got into the car. Regardless of last night it was currently a bowling alley. The person behind the bar was an old friend. He offered me a beer. I drank a couple sips and thanked him before running out the far door and seeing my world. I was 20 years in the past outside of a thrift store wearing a varsity jacket and remembering when this thrift store used to be a bowling alley when I was a kid.

I dreamt my boyfriend was sitting down

I dreamt my boyfriend was sitting down gagging. When I walked into my bathroom and my room I saw that he had thrown up everywhere and there were beer cans and marijuana pipes all over the floor.

I had to amputate my on arm

I had to amputate my on arm with a pocket knife and it wouldn’t break so I karate chopped the bone. Then hours later I had to amputate the other arm and wouldn’t do it myself but instead let a professional wrestler do it but no before we slammed a few beers. He got the job done and I waited outside afterwards with my mother where she was arrested for abortions. The. My wife Danielle encouraged me to drink even though she never has and is against it.

Dreamt having a beer with a friend,

Dreamt having a beer with a friend, left then stole green vegetables from a neighbours garden then her dogs ran after me and bit me once but I escaped then hid my neighbours house before going home unharmed, please also give me numbers for this dream?

Okay. So my friend from England came

Okay. So my friend from England came to town. But somehow I was at his house. We didn't stay there long because I had to get to school. His sister gave me a beer for the road, which I took to biology class with me. English friend came to class with me. Beer too. That was part one. The second part of the dream involves a friend showing us that if you get in the freezer and close the door and truly believe, then God will give you cash in hand. My English buddy gave me a tiny animals themed "rocking horse." I was rocking on it while we were singing him happy birthday in the last scene of the dream. My crotch was on display.

I sat in a sauna, naked with

I sat in a sauna, naked with another man. Then a wall of the sauna became the side of a subway train. Its doors opened and two naked boys came out. One sat on my lap, his back towards me. Annoyed, I tried to put my penis up his ass. He started crying and I let him go. Later, I was on the roof with my dad and three of his friends. There were some beer bottles and food and we were waiting for the vice president of some company to come. Above, the clouds darkened intermittently. A small plane came very low, almost touching the roofs. Then I was in a house, telling an ex-girlfriend of a date I was going to have with someone. Another my ex-girlfriend sat in the living room not saying anything. I was going to have a long drive back home when an old male friend came in. We started to tussle playfully, tackling each other.