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In my dream it was an invisible

In my dream it was an invisible battle between good and evil and not everyone could see it. I was one of the The good. The Evil drove in a car and had a blue light and she thru blue fire that turn into blue beetles that were chasing me and a male figure like an angel. An we stared running and killing them. They were so many of them all over. Then we stared going the other way trying to beat the car. Which we did but we didn’t want them to recognize Us. I was being the angel but I was protecting the angel

I was standing around and I had

I was standing around and I had this spot on my forehead and I thought it was a pimple. When I squeezed it, something was poking out. I pulled on it and a white feather came out and on top of the feather was a black beetle. I looked around and a select few of my friends had this as well.

I dreamed I was walking home from

I dreamed I was walking home from work. A woman I know drove up in a small blue car like a Volkswagen Beetle but not a beetle. She was with two other women I did not recognize. She told me they were going to try a new restaurant that has just opened and wanted to know if I wanted to join them. I eagerly agreed and got into the car. We drove only a small bit before arriving at a small run down neighborhood. The restaurant sat in the middle of the block and looked like a large two story house made out of the same material as a pencil eraser, and when you touched it it jiggled like jell-O. We went up to a door just up a short step but when we opened the door their was a bald man wearing a tank top T shirt and black cargo pants talking about stock options. We eventually found another door similar to that one on the other side with a smaller door on the ground next to it. By ringing the bell on the small door a Little person came out cursing and swearing and ran up the stairs, unlocked the door, then ran back into the little door. We went in a found a huge dark restaurant. They had a steak bar, sea food Liquor, everything you could imagine and our table was piled high with all kinds of food. We ate and laughed and had a really great time. I was getting full and wanted to leave but they were not done yet. So I left. I walked out and it was late afternoon. I crossed the street to find the scene had changed. The side walk I stepped off of was still a little run down neighborhood, but now the street was cobble stone and lined with Gas light style street lamps. Across the street was a thick tropical jungle. It was getting dark the further across the road I walked. Suddenly two large elephants burst out of the jungle and were wrestling in the same way people wrestle. They clutched each other and fell over then started rolling towards me. I just had time to jump out of the way and step up on the opposite side walk. The scene changed again. It was dark at this time and the street was lined with these depressing buildings made of dark crumbling stones. I stepped into an open doorway. When I stepped in, I found a low ceiling room, dirt floors, crumbling stone columns rising up from the floor. In the center of the room were these kids dressed in, what I interpreted, as school uniforms from the turn of the 19th century. They all looked very demented and dangerous, either staring blankly at the walls, or grinning an evil and crazy grin. A woman was there dressed as a nun telling them of the importance of balancing a check book. I remember saying something like, "I'm in the wrong place", and turning to leave. When I turned I was looking at a girl who appeared to be around 14 years old. She had black hair and eyes and tan skin. I walked past her heading for the door i came in and could feel her following me. Suddenly she ran up and bit me on my right shoulder blade. When I turned around to see what had happened she was blonde, with blue eyes and pale skin and had blood dribbling out of the corner of her mouth. That was when I wok up. I swear I had not had a drop of alcohol or any drugs. LOL

It started with me at my dad's

It started with me at my dad's house, and me playing an app. The app started when I clicked a circle in the middle, then in real life, these, termite-beetle things came out. The tried to attack me, but didn't. I then told my mom I'll go in my room, so I went in my room, and the termite-beetle things followed me, and grew bigger, and red. They attacked me, and it hurt me. I then ran into the living room, and ran out the door to my grandma's. The run seemed EXTREMELY shorter than ITT always does. The beetle-termite still followed me, until I got to grandma's. Then the beetle-termite thing talked to grandma into thinking we were friends, and beloved it. I then told the thing "If we're going to do this, do it in the back yard." it nodded and we went into the back yard. Once we were in the back yard, it jumped on me. I then thought I heard grandma, so I pushed it off. Grandma then came in the back yard, talking to the thing. After that, it grabbed my hand and we walked up to the front yard, and in the end, we became friends, I think.

Its a recurring dream that a bug/beetle

Its a recurring dream that a bug/beetle is in the hair on the top of my head and I'm unable to remove it. Last night I did remove it with a clump of hair and it was crawling on the floor. I stamped on its head to kill it but it still was alive wriggling around.