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In my dream, I had a basketball

In my dream, I had a basketball game but I forgot something at home so I started running home. But it was like I was running in slow motion, I ended up being late to the game. Then I woke up.

My dream begins with My dad, his

My dream begins with My dad, his wife and my two half sisters driving home from a family get together in the country. It was well after dark and the girls were fussy and over tired. We saw out the window a small but unfamilliar church as we drove down one of the historical roads with the overarching oak trees (you know , the kind of streets you aren’t allowed to build on or develop?) . From the car we could see the lights in the church were on and people were inhabiting it despite It being late. Dad call from the driver seat , “ hey, Maybe we should go pay them a visit” and I was like “no dad, It’s 11 o’clock at night. Plus, you cant just invite yourself into a church function that’s weird and impolite. “ You just don’t want to go say hi because you think christians are weird” I stopped arguing as we pulled into the empty parking lot ( where were the attendees parking?) . So walked into the church and said hello . The people there were all plump and friendly, and they greeted us as if they expected our company. There was a girl my age wearing a purple sweater that matched the brackets of her braces who wouldn’t stop asking me were I wanted to go to college. The mood changed from jolly to forboding as we decided to leave. The people we met in the church followed us to our car urging us to stay . As we drove home I saw the same church front appear in different places on the route home. Everything seemingly returned to the status quo as we ended our trip and got settled in at home. All the while I was obsessing about the bizarre church and the even stranger people within it . who were they ? Where were their cars? Why were they at church in the middle of the night, in the first place? The next day in chemistry I was telling a friend ( a kid in my chemistry class that I actually can’t stand) about the mysterious encounter and my plan to return the following night. he was like “ whoa , that’s spooky, Don’t go!” and I was like “ I’m definitely going” He said “well, in that case , I’m coming with you” So, we drove out to where the church was passing a few identical churches on the way. We went back to the original site of the church and entered. Its patrons hadn’t left . When we enter they all came at us trying to restrain us. Before they were upon us I tried to reopen the door and escape. I had locked automatically. Then just when the situation seemed most dire, my friend pulled out a pocket knife , and broke a window through which we escaped and sped away in my car. The Church building followed us , popping up sporadically on streets that had been empty before.

I am a former preschool teacher and

I am a former preschool teacher and now started my own Direct Sales business which I love. I am constantly having dreams about being late for preschool or not showing up at all and either my kids are left alone or my boss is about to scream at me for not showing up.

Last night I dreamed about waking up

Last night I dreamed about waking up and being late to school. It was 7:10 and I usually leave my house at 6:55 so that I can be at first period on time. So I had to rush out of bed and try to get ready but didn’t have enough time so I just grabbed my school bag and left. When I got to school, I noticed I was still in my PJ’s and I had really bad, messy hair.

First day back at school, and instead

First day back at school, and instead of going to class I end up walking along a road with a teacher who I don't even have, I lie to him and say I told a teacher I had a sore head and needed to go and clear it by going for a walk, on the walk we arrive at a wooden hut by the sea in which my distant relatives are in, we talk for a while and then my rme teacher comes in, the teacher comes back and we leave, when I get back I am in a hotel with my parents having a fancy meal and are upset for my being late, then I am in school and I see the teacher I went on a walk with explaining to the teacher I had said had given me permission to go out and then I wake up