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In dream I found myself in an

In dream I found myself in an unknown house with furnishings that looked like 1970's era. There was an unknown woman there who was searching for something and also seemed upset or troubled. I talked to her discovering that she was spiritually lost but open to finding God. She could not believe God could save her. I witnessed to her and She seemed nearly ready to accept Christ but she left abruptly. I was sad she refused to accept Christ. In a few minutes there was a knock at the door. Excitedly Thinking she had returned to accept the Lord, I opened the door. I was punched in the stomach by a blonde hair man wearing an army jacket and with a gun who pushed his way inside. I felt betrayed because the woman was with the man, tricking me to allow the man in. He forced his way in and demanded only an amount of cash I had which seemed to be $460. Then he left. I went to a neighbor in front of house warning there was a robber in the area and asking if he had seen him. The neighbor was cleaning out his garage onto his driveway. The neighbor did not give information though I seemed suspicious of him and he seemed to resemble the robber but did not quite seem to be him. I woke up.

In the dream my boyfriend and father

In the dream my boyfriend and father of my daughter Was cheating with his ex mistress from a previous marriage in our apt. I walked home put key in the door and they were there in the kitchen standing. I feel that they are together and this is their moment to tell me. I'm feel so confused hurt angry betrayed. I grab and pull her hair. I tell her to get out of my apt. My boyfriend doesnt do anything or say anything. I throw her out. It felt so real and I felt so strongly in the dream that they are together. What does this dream mean?

im in a really nice house and

im in a really nice house and everyone i practically know is present. we're all in the living room. we're all silent but are somehow talking without any words. i get up and i take off my shoes and put them in my closet. when i get out i sit down again. then, some guy comes out of my room holding my shoes in his arms. i don't say anything at first, but then stand up when he said he was leaving. i yelled at him saying that they were my shoes, but the guy left through the front door. everyone, including me, was watching him go silently. one of my guy friends ran out to try to stop him, but he was gone. with my shoes. i felt betrayed and empty. and i woke up feeling the same way


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