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I had a dream about this guy

I had a dream about this guy I used to date, I was so close to falling in love with him. Every night I have dreams about him. I could have a clear vision of him betraying me on this girl I despise, I may be jealous but it bothers me down to my gut. He was kissing her and they looked happy. I hate him so much. I feel so vulnerable to him. I can't get him out my mind.

My dream had a good mix of

My dream had a good mix of people in my life, new and old, friends, family, work colleagues. It was revealed that my boyfriend was cheating on me whilst I was pregnant. He had been with 2.5 women since the start of my pregnancy. The lease was up on our house and I decided to leave him and threatened to abort the baby. His best friend (who I think was fictional as he wasn't a friend from real life) gave me full details of how my boyfriend had been betraying me. I had sex with his friend in the shower while holding feelings of hurt and betrayal. I confronted my boyfriend and he was not forthcoming in information, continuing to lie. I packed up the children and my things to leave. He was staying at his friends house now. We drove away with his close following behind down a dangerous path of rock mud and grass on a steep slope. I told his family we were no longer having a baby or planning a future together and they all seemed to know why already. I woke up very disturbed and emotional. In my dream I was making sense of my partners waking behaviour - that's why he disappeared then, or that's who he was texting that time.

I was at an (American) football match

I was at an (American) football match as a cheerleader with a friend, when my ex, walked out onto the playing field. It was weird though, because he is European and does the other kind of football (soccer). In real life, I still love him, and it ended in a very confusing and painful way for both of us. He said he cared about me, but as we live in different countries, it just cannot be at this time. He also accused me of hiding things from him and that I somehow hurt him by betraying his trust in that way. He said he was asking himself if he really did know me. So it ended very sad. He didn't see me and just walked past looking very unhappy, or angry...? I seem to somehow be happy however, even though in real life I am still hurting. But I point him out to my friend and tell her, 'That's him, isn't he beautiful?' My friend says, 'He's making kissy faces at you.' And I look and say, 'No, I don't even think he saw me, and that's just how his mouth goes.' Everyone was wearing red. Suddenly, I find myself flying up and down in cities and showing off in front of people who look on amazed as I do the impossible. But then I realise that I am supposed to be somewhere. I am trying to get to the city where my ex lives but cannot seem to find the way. I am desperate to get to him. I stop and ask a man at a cafe, and he points over the ocean. 'I can't fly over the ocean' I say, 'I can't swim and it scares me. But if I go over land it will take too long.' Then I suddenly cannot fly. I'm becoming increasingly frantic trying to get to him. I then find myself in a house with strange people which seems to be back in my hometown, who have stolen my handbag which for some weird dream reason holds my ability to fly in it. So I'm really stuck. I meet a girl who admits to stealing it, but will not tell me where it is. I become so upset that I put my hands around her throat and say that I will stop at nothing to get to the person I love. Then I don't really remember how the rest played out before waking, but I'm pretty sure I was still lost and not getting to where I wanted.