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I had a dream Cardi C was

I had a dream Cardi C was chasing after me on a pink bicycle. He was singing, but I don't remember the song. He chased me until the sun came up, all the way to the beach, where the water looked gray, and a bit violent. It was a dead end, and I said, "Fine! I'll go with you! (on some sort of journey, which I was afraid of, because for some reason, I had thought, like in the book, Melmoth the Wanderer, if I agreed, I'd be damned for eternity.) Soon after a huge wave came and swept us back to my house (which didn't look like my house).

I'm in an unknown town/city and I'm

I'm in an unknown town/city and I'm alone I can't find my way home so I ask for help and someone helps me saying we gotta go through different areas the first area is a park I'm familiar with and there's some lads messing about on motorbikes but 1 lad has a blue racing bicycle which I comment 'nice bike's then we cross a road and pass some lads in their cars 'boy racers' but I'm told keep head down and mouth shut so I do then come to dead end and have to go through a house but when I go in house I have to empty my pockets then I'm leaving house going down some stairs and a girl is putting my stuff on each step in front of me so I put items back in my pockets then my "guide" takes me to train station and cross the tracks to opposite platform where I get on train that takes me through crazy long tunnel and then turns around and goes back through tunnel and then I woke up