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There was a big cage of birds,

There was a big cage of birds, all chirping and singing. Then one black bird started attacking the other birds. My boyfriend grabbed the bird and put him in a Styrofoam cup and filled the cup with water. When I went to help the bird it was alive and trying to get out. I dumped the water out and the bird came out into the sink and was dead.

There were worms or parasites inside my

There were worms or parasites inside my body and thin black strands poking out on my skin. i could grab the parasites and pull as hard as possible and it wouldn’t break, but if I didn’t get it all the way out it would suck itself back inside. there were so many and they got bigger that i eventually passed out in my dream

Every night this same dream of lust

Every night this same dream of lust and satanic perversions. Countless obscene acts performed on me and by me. Everyone in a big oiled up pile all night every night. So disgusting. So much fun.

I ended up in this place next

I ended up in this place next to a river, and a big mausoleum with windows. The river had reeds and the mausoleum had shadows of people inside it. They looked like they were having a good time. But then when I walked across the path to the mausoleum, and opened the door, everything was destroyed. Tables were flipped, glasses smashed, windows and plates shattered, and everyone was gone. I then closed the door, went outside, looked through the window, and again I saw peoples shadows, drinking, laughing, but when I went back in, the same happened. I did this a few times, but the same things happened. I then realised the only way to get out of this dream was to go to the river. So, i went over there, but when I did, I saw the sirens (from greek myths). You can guess the rest. I then woke up.

The father of my kids has paid

The father of my kids has paid lobola. So in a way we are engaged. I dream seeing him in a big truck busy. So a lady I know comes and gives me my partner's trouser. She says your partner asked me to come and give you. I check him out from where I was and his naked. I clam myself down then said his mentally disturbed.

My boyfriend IS DEAD IN REAL LIFE,

My boyfriend IS DEAD IN REAL LIFE, but I DID DREAM ABOUT HIM. In the dream also was HIS EX girlfriend. In the DREAM my deceased boyfriend was attempting to take a photo of ME (current girlfriend) and HIS EX GIRLFRIEND the BOTH OF US standing together. I was surprised at this, but the ex girlfriend did not mind, she kept saying as long as we have a good background for the picture. My deceased boyfriend told ME to stand closer to his ex girlfriend so he could snap the photo. We were standing in THE LADIES powder room, there was a big mirror with big light bulbs in the room, my deceased boyfriend finally just stepped out of the room into the darkness and I woke up