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In my dream I’m in a huge

In my dream I’m in a huge glass bus station that’s about the size of an American football pitch, its filled with millions of people and we are called “Results” or sometimes as “Matches” and we are all waiting for our “Searchers”. We results all have regular clothes but a unique item that the Searcher is looking for, that belongs to them and binds the two beings together. Everytime I have had this dream I’ve seen people I would later meet who are waiting for their Searchers, some find theirs within the dream and some don’t, those who give up and are called ‘Drifters’ are rarely seen. But everytime I’ve dated someone, I have always told them I’m waiting for someone based on this dream, as I’m always having this dream every few months. In October my best friend and current boyfriend now asked me out and I had the dream again, but this time he came in as a Searcher and was looking for his chain which is a sterling silver biohazard sign, he was looking for it and when he approached me it glowed around my neck, and the feeling of waiting that I always had in the dream left, and I could finally leave the glass bus station for the first time in my dream and life. When I left the sun was shining and for some reason a sterling silver ring appeared on both our ring fingers as if we had become connected. This is the first and only time this has happened in this reoccurring dream, usually I’m always waiting at the station crying while I see people be united with their Searchers, but this time it was me with him and we only got together in October this year in which the dream took place two weeks after we got together.