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I was watching a man film a

I was watching a man film a birthday message for his son as he has cancer. Then I was with a group of people at a county fair watching horses and cows, there were food carts around me. The group walked through a crowd of people and came to en empty car park. The spaces were reserved for "(the year) 1946 enthusiasts and homeless people." We walked through the car park towards a dark building. I waved to my parents who were sitting at a table and continued on into the building. A young man walked past me and told his friends he would catch up, he had to do something first. I watched his eyes as he started watching the video message his father was recording at the start of my dream. At the end, I heard 3 loud pops and woke up knowing his father had shot himself as he was already dying

I am single and yesterday night i

I am single and yesterday night i saw that I am at the stage giving birth to a child but labour pain is not occuring so a girl injected me for starting of pain what does it mean

I dreamt I road with someone home

I dreamt I road with someone home I now him and his wife someone birthday lots of chocolate cake.I had a white top on and bra some how I lost my bra and top and somehow misplace my cell Eventually my grandson come to fetch me walking home without a top