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One dream that I visual remember was

One dream that I visual remember was when I was 11.My dream had a theme on Lord of the Rings a movie that I've only seen once or twice. I was giving a task to retrieve a sword that was stolen from this blacksmith. The Blacksmith was part of an elite group of swordsmen, who I was trying to join. I was told I could do them a big favor, if I retrieved this sword. I was given a ring of invisibility to take the sword back, because it was stolen by a beast/man. He was a beast who could transform back into a man, which made him to strong to face head on. The beast’s lived in a secrete area, where no other houses were around. The ring for a brief time was making me invisible from being seen. I was wandering through it’s house to where I found the sword next to a fireplace. Over the fireplace, hung skulls and old ancient swords. The closer I got to the sword the more I was becoming visible. The second I touched the sword the beast found me and without hesitating knocked me out unconscious. I became conscious in a loony state, where I saw a cliff, and a fire where the beast stood hunched over. It looked as if he was about to eat me or something else. He noticed I was conscious and rushed towards me, he told me the sword did not belong to the swordsmen because it belonged to him originally. I did not respond I was too shocked by his physical form. After he got his message across he threw me off a cliff where I plummeted to my death.