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I was about twelve, and my mother

I was about twelve, and my mother was gone, I don't know what happened to her, but my dad was there. We were in Georgia living with my dad's mother and my aunt. My dad and I had to go to Connecticut for me to get a IQ test that was only offered in Connecticut and I needed transcripts for my new school. We got to Connecticut and we were driving a UPS truck around. When we arrived at the testing location, my dad wasn't allowed inside of the building, so I went in and wandered around lost for a while until a man pointed me in the direction I needed to be going. When I was finished, I quickly sped out of the building and to my dad in the UPS truck. I hopped in the back where the packages go, and a cop came up and grabbed my dad. I saw him flail under their restraints, and they cuffed him and took him away. I was suddenly back in Georgia in a wood panel house quivering beneath my aunt and grandmother. I explained to them what had happened and they didn't want to believe me, so they hit me. I heard from the other something calling my name in an eerie way. “Brittany...” “Brittany...” I went into the room to see a bunch of internal organs: kidneys, livers, lungs, and many many others. They were floating in the air, and talking to me. A gallbladder and kidney shut and locked the door, and then they started speaking to me. “Your father created us.” “He said he was going to set us free.” “He said he was going to make us real.” I was quivering and crying, and I didn't know what to do. “We're keeping you until we get free.” I knew I had to think fast, but I didn't know what power these things could really have. I started talking on my feet, “Give me a week. My father is gone, but if you give me one week, I'll get you out of here. I'll get you out, and you can do whatever you want.” The contemplated sounding maniacal and dangerous. The door opened, and I left, making sure to shut it, so the organs wouldn't get out. I locked the doors, and I was crawling through the walls. I connected a line to the room that filled it with water to drown the organs. Then I filled it with poisonous gasses, and I was sure they were dead.

My mother and I were in a

My mother and I were in a Building designed like a shopping m mall. We were trying to find a office and had to take the escalator to the lower level. As we were riding down, I suddenly had to pee real bad. I took off running back up the escalator but couldn't find the restroom. In panic I came back down where my mom was waiting and had to go so bad that I peed behind a trash recipacle while she covered me. I awoke from my dream and checked the sheets, my bladder felt like I really had peed, but my sheets were dry.

The dream was not very vivid but

The dream was not very vivid but I knew what was going on. I was in a random school hallway, there were a few people around but it wasn’t as crowded as it is in Duluth High School. As people were just minding their own business, out of nowhere I start peeing in the hallway with everyone there and I made a big puddle of pee right on the floor. These faces weren’t very clear to me but they were students for sure. Then I wake up and all I think about when I wake up is peeing. I had to pee very badly, to the point where I thought my bladder was about to explode. As I was peeing I was trying really hard to think about every detail as much as I could.