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i was with my sister and other

i was with my sister and other people and was trying to get to a bathroom because i was on my menstruation and was bleeding badly from my vagina and i kept trying to find a place to take off the tampon but no one was allowing me to go and i kept feeling the blood rushing out then i was at the airport boarding a flight and once we got on the plane i realized that my cousin had left my purse in a seat inside off the airport with my money passport and credit cards in it

I was at a cousins house on

I was at a cousins house on vacation. A person I know from work was there and suddenly stood up and faceplanted in to the wall. She started bleeding everywhere and was unconscious. We started CPR on her and she looked like she was near death. We brought her back but she said she wanted to go. We kept yelling at her to stay with us while we waited for help. Then I was in a guest bedroom and saw a figure in the closet. I turned on a light and it was a male mannequin dressed in a suit.