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I was at my parents house when

I was at my parents house when I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed that the lens of my left eye had become cloudy with a thin milky white layer resembling cataract. It impaired my eyesight reducing the vision on the eye to about 50%. Even though I realized that I couldn't remove it, the discomfort i felt as a result of the reduced eyesight made me rub it repeatedly. I walked out of the bathroom and headed to join my family in the garden while feeling concerned about the possibility that it would spread to the other eye and leave me blind.

My brother committed suicide at the age

My brother committed suicide at the age of 17 in 1971. I dreamed last night that he came into my home following my younger brother. He was wearing the same clothes he died in: jeans, boots & a white t shirt. I kept trying to ask him where he has been all of these years (knowing he was dead). He wouldn't answer me...Just stood there almost like a robot, but gave off an odd sense of a chemical...I thought he smelled like embalming fluid he was not though, but the body was too destroyed to do so). My younger brother turned to door and as he was leaving, I kept telling him to wait that I wanted to see & talk to my late brother. My younger brother walked out the door say "he doesn't communicate." I work up then, but was so disturbed by this. One thing that stuck out the most was that my late brother's t shirt was a very dazzling white...almost blinding...I thought this must mean something for sure.could you please give me your opinion?

My boyfriend and I are sitting in

My boyfriend and I are sitting in our room getting ready for bed. I hear a noise outside, like shooting; I see movement by the window so I look out. There is two men, one which is looking in my window trying to see through my blinds. I then open the blinds to make him aware that I see him and to see what they are doing over the next door neighbors house. They start shooting at us. I run to get my guns and start to shoot back I hit one in the ear

I was in a mirror, and i

I was in a mirror, and i looked like bell, but with her hair down. And something, i guess, was trying to blind me with a red scarf. I think it could have ben geston, or an old lady.

A man was waiting outside of my

A man was waiting outside of my window and continued to open my blinds when i left my room and i walked in my room after getting my mom to check out whats outside and he had my window half way open and he was opening my blinds again