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I had terrible dream about being on

I had terrible dream about being on the outskirts on a woods with my aunt and uncle and my mother. My mother was going to willingly undertake in a task which involved being blindfolded and holding onto a piece of fishing line which was attached from tree to tree all the the ways into the woods where a stranger inside would rape her while she is blindfolded and then the fishing line will help her to find her way out again. I didn't understand why she was willingly going to do it but she said she had to although she was hesitant. I said what if its some awful smelky man! My aunty told me not to tell anyone but I got talking to two people outside the woods and I told them and my aunt over heard and said I can't believe u told them.. anyway my mom went into the woods and I woke up in a terrible state

I dreamt that I was at a

I dreamt that I was at a house. It looked like where Martha and George lived in The Book of Eli. The front doors were like a book. I did not want to go up and read the book because I was afraid of one of the animals (bison/ducks) behind me attacking me. Consequently, I went backwards and tried to read it sideways. The attempt was a failure. I gave up and followed a light brown stone road behind a gray stone wall behind the house. There were people there, near another house on the other side of the wall, who let me in to this community. They let me in on the condition that I do not speak of the outside world. There was this small corn field like the one in The New World. Whenever they heard the animals (bison/ducks) coming they would run back to their homes. One day I followed a little girl home. She seemed about six years old. As she was running she kept looking back at me. Her home was a small, raised platform with three walls and a doorframe. She asked me why I was following her. I forget what I said. I called her Allison, then Allie, then Alana. This time the noise of the animals had gone too far. Her mother told me that she was going to bring it up with the wall. Allie/Alana and I went with her. When we got to the house, on our side of the wall, Alana's mother asked why there was so much noise. What appeared to be the chief "security guard", who looked like Kim Il Nam, smiled as he told her not to worry. She walked back talking about how they always said that. Then, he asked me if I brought a rock in. He said that he knew I did. I said, "What kind of rock? One from right here (the trail) or over there, on the other side (the wall? the other side of the wall?)?" He told me just any one. I told him that I could not just write write with any rock. I picked up a small stone, like the one's at Blairstown, and attempted to write the letter 'F' on the top of another wall between that trail and the community. It barely worked. This time a man, who looked like Kim Jong Un, was out with us. Allie/Alana was still with me. He told the other man to "do it to her." I said, "Wait. What are you doing? What are you going to do." They only smiled. "Kim Il Nam" pulled out a black blindfold, it looked like Sneha's asthma mask only upside down, and both men smiled. I turned around and ran down the trail. I looked to my right and thought if I should run through the fields and through the woods, or if I should stay on the trail. I chose to stay on the trail, the trail between the walls. Then, I decided to turn around. Not to see if Allie/Alana was safe or behind me, but to see if anyone was pursuing me. I looked forward again. Then, in my dream, I had a change of view. I was "Kim Il Nam" putting the blindfold on Allie/Alana. She was screaming.