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I was living in a trailer, or

I was living in a trailer, or mobile home as my Mom called them, and had spent the day sanding the finished drywall of a house, and came home. Mom said I needed to park my car between Honeoye and West Bloomfield and walk to Canada to sell Salsa. And, there I was, covered in caked drywall dust walking to Canada. I walked through the night and by 10:00am or so, the next day, I was in Canada, famished, and came upon a diner that had a Community bathroom/shower area. I was eager to rinse the drywall dust off. This gorgeous girl was standing in line behind me, waiting for the shower. She was talking about weed legalization in Canada and how the "weeders" and "puritans" were in conflict over the whole thing. I, however, couldn't concern myself with this, because I had Salsa to sell.