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Last night I had a very strange

Last night I had a very strange dream... I didn't see myself a single time in the dream but I encountered two girls who were children maybe only 5 or 6 years old and I was their height in the dream. For some reason I was walking away from something and I was taking a long grey path that started to fade into grass and I soon came to be looking from up high down at a HUGE insanely huge but brittle looking cherry blossom tree, only one alone in a humongous field. I only think it was a cherry blossom tree because I heard my voice say. "Look at the cherry blossoms! They are so pretty!" The two girls I mentioned before, I have no idea who they are, were staring at me from a few feet away. One of them looked really angry at me and the other looked really scared. Little me ran to some little pink flowers and pulled them out of the grass. It was a windy day so when I let go of them, they flew in the wind and away from me. The scared looking one asked me why I did that and the angry looking one said "You're alright." They walked past me and left me alone. Then i kept walking through the grass until I saw the gray gravel of the path show up again and I kept going in that direction. Then I woke up. I remember that as I walked into the path at the very beginning someone was talking about rape. I have never gotten raped or molested in my life, I know that for a fact. There is nothing really too serious going on in my life right now except for some guy troubles i have been having lately with a friend who has never given me the chance to tell him that I like him even though he has admitted to liking me and he said he really needs to talk to me when we go back to school. I'm not sure if my dream could have something to do with that. Help me please?