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I was in a room withy girlfriend

I was in a room withy girlfriend when I heard her talking in her sleep I tried listen and she was talking about her baby while rubbing her stomach. I tried to wake her several times and when she finally woke there was a design on her face. I couldn't yell or speak and she went over to turn on the light which was ony side and then it was like the dream reset. I thought I had awoken but then it's like it started again. This time there was something different with the room. When I realized I should wake up its like it restarted again. I thought I was back in reality til I heard a dog barking outside and an old man base the doorway. He let the dog in and it was moving about them jumped on to the bed as the old man walked in looking for something. The dog leaped up on to the bed licking deep into my girlfriends crotch. As the dog was pushed away the man looks over to the bed and again it's reset. The final reset I encounter was the same room filled with stuffed toys and dolls. One specific was a clown like doll. I couldn't yell and the voices wouldn't stop. My girlfriend came out of bed as I tried to yell. She then began to blow me, shoving my dick all the way down and I was screaming but nothing was coming out. We would rock back and forth like a jack in the box would after popping out. I tried to grab for the light the clown got bigger and started moving towards me. Then I finally shoved myself out not knowing if It was going to happen again

I was on a school bus at

I was on a school bus at night with a lot of people and some boys from a choir class had been asked to sing, and they did. It was beautiful. When they stopped, an ex friend of mine in the dream had said something and I told her that a man would attack the bus if she did it again. She did it again, and a loud whail sounded, and the bus had been slammed into from the side, almost making it turn over. Then, my ex friend started rocking the bus, and she made it flip and start going down a hill at a high speed. A small house was there where we were about to crash, but my dream shifted. I was at school the next day talking to my ex friend as if we liked each other. Then, my dream shifted again to the small house we would've crashed into, and I was with one of my guy friends and some other guy I didn't know. I went in to change because I was filthy, they were watching me and heard me say I needed to use the bathroom and were talking about chemical compounds to blow me up. Then they dressed in costumes and came into the house. I went into my imaginary baby brother's room, where he was surprisingly under his crib and told me our imaginary dead parents had made him feel horrible. Then I saw my friend and the random guy in costume and the random guy started hitting on me and kissed me and I woke up.

It started off with me in my

It started off with me in my sculpture class in highschool (freshman year like i am now) and this lesbian girl was yelling at another girl saying something like "You don't actually like me, you just like me because you think i'm hot.. your friends told me" So the bell rang and i was walking down the hall and the lesbian girl (Courtney) she purposely pushed me next to a wall with her shoulder (shoulder to shoulder) she just kept looking forward down the hall while people passed us. I looked up at her and started smiling, I was just taking in how beautiful she is. She looked down at me in the corner of her eye and smirked. The scene setting transformed into a game room and we had to get into this car to play the game, I got in the car (for some weird reason (Big fan) marilyn manson was briefly shown sitting next to someone but the game instructor said that there wasn't enough room so he left while laughing) So Courtney sat next to me and she transformed into this really cute blonde girl with short hair and light colored layered clothes, she was pale with dazzling blue eyes and a beautiful smile with straight white teeth. The setting transformed to the front stair steps of my house. The girl was standing beside me and i was blushing because i really liked her, she got close to my ear and said "Are you confused on love and who you are?" then she transported to the top stair leading to the open door to my house "Or is it a Lesbian love?" she said the words exaggerated and laughed with her cute smile and transported over to me with her arms around my neck and she looked into my eyes and closed them and then moved in to kiss me. I felt her soft lips on mine and my heart just fluttered. My mom showed up in the door looking at me with a weird look (she doesn't know i'm lesbian in real life) but before my mom could see anything the girl transported a few feet away, acting as if she was just a casual friend. and for some reason my ex- best friend showed up next to her acting as if she was my friend again and was smiling at me. My mom went back inside the house and (the blonde, i'll call her Missy) Missy transported right back to me and hugged me tight around my waist and kissed me again and said "if your mom ever pops back out like that then, just blow me a kiss instead to show me that you still love me" and then she demonstrated and i blew a kiss at her and my ex-best friend. My mom popped back out again with a disapproving look but she had no idea what she was suppose to be disapproving of since Missy transported a few feet away again. I blew Missy a kiss when my mom wasn't looking directly at me. It started snowing lightly and my mom went back in the house and i went back to Missy to kiss her again willingly and we both looked at each other. She looked at me with such love in her eyes while smiling. All of a sudden we transported under water where she gave me two cactus cores (if that is even a thing) and told me to plant them in the ground to see the difference in them when they grow. both the cactuses grew quickly (We weren't even wearing scuba outfits , we were just standing underwater and breathing normally without any special aid of a safety devices) One cactus had flowers all over it and the other was just a plain cactus. She said that in order for the cactus to bloom it's flowers we had to "jutt at it" .... basically we had to hump it LOL it was weird. I'm sure it was saying something like 'to make the flowers bloom you must act like you are having sex with the cactus so that it lets the flowers open and bloom.' i don't know i was really weird. So after that i saw a huge black wavy force push me closer to the cactuses and the needles of the cactuses were hurting me so bad that... I woke up (BEFORE that, underwater... pass the cactuses i saw a duck under water just standing there... and it was pale ish tan... one solid color... it kind of just looked like a small statue) (also there were some old pictures that showed up in the dream that i kind of recognized of myself and other people i know. And in one part if the dream i was back in 5th grade in my science class sitting there and saw different students around me that i didn't know. and MY fifth grade teacher was teaching and no one raised their hand to answer questions even though the teacher pleaded "come on guys, you know this stuff" she seemed nicer than she did when i was in her class (5th grade science) but for some reason i had my 7th grade schedule.)