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In my dream I'm walking in a

In my dream I'm walking in a wide meadow and then a fog blows in and blocks everything from view then I see a large shape form and a strange silvery glow surrounding it as the shape gets closer the silvery glow gets brighter and then there is a flash of light and standing be for me is a black wolf the size of a horse it has glowing golden green eyes it stares at me then looks off into the distance I look to see what it is looking at but all I see is a big shadow and then the wolf nudges me with its snout and starts walking away it looks back at me and then starts walking again then it looks back at me again as if asking me to follow it but be for I do my dream always ends I've had this same dream five times already.

3 bomb threats in my city. The

3 bomb threats in my city. The first is at my hideout where my best friends are. I drive to save them but the semi full of bombs is there. I decide to run in. I get luck as it blows up and I am fine. my hang out is ruined. I go inside and get a piece of clothing from all of my dead friends. I Line the bodies up and the bags together. I cut my hand the shape of a heart. All my family and friends are dead. I commit suicide. I wake up bomb threat 2. Im in my best friends car with my father and my other friend. I am relived they are alive and I see another bomb. It explodes and I wake up in my mothers car getting mexican food and running from the bomb. It explodes at my house. All I can say knowing my friends, family, and house is destroyed is "this food is yummy"

A far as I know, my dream

A far as I know, my dream started in a rainstorm. For some reason, it was my fault that wind was circling my house while a dark storm brewed outside. Internally, I remember thinking that it was tornado weather, that a tornado would strike my house and pull it from the ground. The difference I didn't notice till I woke up was that the house was like a weak replica of my house made of old wood. It was placed where at the school where it says "community center" but the school wasn't there. The winds did eventually pull apart the house, but only the second floor, which I was on, was swing into the school parking lot. It went slow motion as I was flying and whenever I fly in a dream, it slows down, like my mind is questioning if that could really happen. After the second floor of my house replica crashes through a tree, I climb out safely and unharmed. In the school parking lot is my cousins. Liz and I are put on a team for a new game against Debby and Ruth. The game is like tag but even though one team goes after the other as the tagger and the other runs, it doesn't switch teams if you tag them. Teams switch between being tagger at the sound if a whistle every 5-10 min. If your tagged, your out of the game. We suddenly found ourselves running around grandmas farm before ending up at some place I've never seen. At this place was all the freshmen and the teams were now boy against girl. Us girls were taggers and were hanging out in an apartment like building with the boys that for some reason we weren't tagging, even though they were in still. Suddenly the whistle blows and us females run for the door, um the first out of the backroom into the kitchen and debate hiding in the fridge, but instead hide to the side of it opposite the door everyone is trying to get through. The lights are off and most of the females that havnt been tagged are running out the kitchen door to where I suppose the hallway is. The first male to come out turns on the kitchen light.The males are screaming "this is Sparta!" And chasing after them. A few of the males still have food and drinks and shit from in the room and rush to the fridge to put it away. I'm freaking out cuz I think they'll catch me, but the door opens so it blocks me from view. They throw the stuff in the fridge and don't bother closing the door. At this point a person that is co side red a respected figure in the dream, I assume a teacher but don't recognize him, yells at the boys and makes them all crowd in the kitchen to talk about how impolite they are being to the girls. At this point , the fridge door is closed and Jo and gen show up next to me. I don't question anything at first cuz genna looks the same, but in this dream Jo is skinny. Her hair is the same color, but has an anime kind of wave to it, she literally looks like an anime character. This is the pint where I'm like "umm that's not how Jo is" and when I overly question the dream, it kicks me out so that's when I wake up.

i woke up from a nightmare i

i woke up from a nightmare i killed two asian girls that tried to gang up on me over a guy i don\'t even know i guess i was being setup on a blinddate and they came to my house to meet me make sure i wasn\'t crazy and to threaten me to stay away from their friend i\'m like what the *****? i don\'t even know dude i aint even met him yet anyway it started out 4 on one and they were going off on me and i don\'t know what i did but next thing i know i had one being carried out limp bodied and after countless minutes of fighting n throwing blows i snapped one girls neck and the other one tried to stab me but as she stepped up to me somehow my mama appeared behind her grabbed the blade and stabbed her with it & the last girl ran off