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i had this dream that i saw

i had this dream that i saw this book that was fanfiction and in the book,i saw how i met laharl when i was real little and it was love at first sight and that i've felt like i've met him before disgaea even existed and i was happy with this book i've found and was telling everyone about this book and praised it and told everyone every detail about the story and the chapters,etc and also in the story when i met laharl,i think i gave him a kiss and hw was being tsundere about it and saying that he doesn't like me(which was a lie) and was blushing and then we promised to see each other again someday...

I was in school and the teacher

I was in school and the teacher was showing us porn to teach us. When I went out of the classroom I was very embarrassed and blushing and walked out. I had sex with a boy during class too. It was time to go home and I went outside where it was already nighttime. I saw my friend run up to me and we hugged and jumped, she also brought a friend with her. We decided to walk home together even though I was beginning to forget where I live. We stopped at a store where she wanted to buy a snack and her friend said no because she thought I didn't have the money to buy a snack too. But I bought an ice cream. We started walking again and we separated somehow and I ended up in a gym where there were curtains. You had to choose the right curtain and have sex in it. If you chose the wrong one, you would explode the dynamite. There was a sex instructor and she was very pretty and was secretly evil. I never got to go home even after finding my friend again.

Okay so I had a dream last

Okay so I had a dream last night about my best friend's boyfriend and me kissing. We were in a room talking about something and I accidentally came forward to him and our lips connected for like 5 seconds and I didn't want to pull away because his lips were so soft and it was my first dream about kissing someone. And honestly I couldn't help but keep blushing. Then I walked away from him to talk to two girls who are probably friends with someone else cause I know them but I've never bad a full conversion with them. Then my best friend's boyfriend came back with a smug look on his face like he was so confident in everything he did, and I could never forget the words he told me, he said "I never knew you were so great with your lips~" And he just kept smirking at me and obviously the two girls took what he said in a sexually wrong way. That's honestly all I can remember from my dream.

i was standing in a big kitchen

i was standing in a big kitchen with what i soon learned to be my girl. She was sligtly shorter then me, beautiful and very blonde. She was a little younger and seemed nervous but happy. I soon heard her mom walk into the kitchen and they started talking for a few secs. i could not her the words. My girl then turned to me blushing and smiling bigger then i have ever seen a woman smile. She motion for me to come closer, as i approached i could see her face glowing. she pulled me close and asked me to take her to prom and make her the happiest girl in world. After accepting and feeling all her love rush into me with a warm embrace, i gladly and almost without thinking did the very same. I tried to kindly have her calm down but i was merely joking and starring at her eyes with love. the dream ended with her two siblings entering the room and smiling at us with acceptance. then i woke up

Dreamed that I'm on top of a

Dreamed that I'm on top of a submerged skyscraper near a deep pool of green or teal water. I'm at the edge of looking across me is my brother on top of a submerged skyscraper. And behind him is my crush and his friends. Normally I'm scared of heights and I couldn't swim. But for some reason I feel courageous and leaped or swung across landing swiftly next to my brother. Looking at my crush's direction like a mysterious cool diva his friends does what they normally do and teased him and he is blushing and admiring me. Then one of his friends tries to swing across and fails by landing or hitting the wall and falling in the water and we are all laughing.