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I was at my cousins house. (We

I was at my cousins house. (We went there to my little cousins second birthday the other day in real life). I was walking to their guest bathroom when I felt scared, that somebody might already be in there and I didnt want it to be embarrassing. It suddenly went pitch black, my heart was beating. I didnt see anything but I heard a small kid laugh, running on a field/on grass. While she was running she fell. I heard hear almost starting to cry just like a small kid would when they fell. The sounds stopped and I heard a womens voice, like a narrator, in a serious tone. Pretty, serious voice. "If.. in your head, then..." - I dont remember much of it. I was conscious as soon as it went pitch black and I heard the kid. I tried waking up and opening my eyes but it was hard. Like something was trying to keep my eyes closed. I woke up. After a reassuring I was awake I closed my eyes again. It all happened again just faster. I tried waking up again, this time with moving. It was also hard but I managed to move my finger and wake up.

Secretly going to see a girl. As

Secretly going to see a girl. As I entered the room, she softly kissed me on the lips. She asked if anyone knew about us. After reassuring her that nobody knew, she excitedly grabbed my face and started kissing me. She suddenly pushed me away and told me we had to stop. I was disappointed. She then unexpectedly undid her blouse and showed me her boobs. She smiled and placed my hand on her boob and started kissing again. She made me feel her curves and pressed her body against mine as we kissed for several minutes.

I had this dream..My uncle was asking

I had this dream..My uncle was asking me what did I tell his son but all of sudden I saw two thin dogs having sex and fries were all over there body.

I had a sexual dream with somebody

I had a sexual dream with somebody that resembled boyfriend, name and everything. Only difference is that his hair is cut and wore glasses in the dream (his hair is long and he doesn’t wear any.)