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I was alone driving my car in

I was alone driving my car in daylight but was falling asleep as if I had been drugged. My eyes closed, and despite all attempts I could not open them. I hoped that I could make it to the shoulder of the boulevard without having an accident. I made it and no longer felt the need to open my eyes or stay awake. After a few moments, some friends came to the car with items from the store and casually and got in the car. I was full of anxiety but glad that there was no tragic outcome. What is so interesting is that I had this dream New Years Day about 8AM during daytime hours, something that has never happened before. What gives?

After a long journey I'm driving along

After a long journey I'm driving along a deserted street. On a boulevard in the distance I see four of my staff in boxes about the size of mailboxes. I get closer to see. They are locked in. They are standing in these boxes with hands tied. They see my and start begging to be let out. I'm very hesitant because I'm afraid of what they'll do when let out. I cautiously approach. Circle the boxes, talking to them to understand what they'll do if they're let out. I start unlocking the boxes. The last box is a Spanish man who has a temper. As soon as I let him loose he comes after me. He chases me. I immediately run for my car thinking this is my only chance. As I'm running I'm planning in my head how I can get into the car and lock it fast enough so that he can't get me. Now he has a knife. He's screaming. He's wild with rage. I'm out running him, but barely. I get to the car first, but my actions are very slow to close the door and lock it. No matter how I try I can't seem to move quickly. My fingers are on the lock but . My mind is racing, but my body is very slow. I don't get the car door closed in time. He wedges his arm in to force the door open. I struggle but can't stop him. He raises his hand to strike. He has an enormous machete. The sharp knife is coming towards me. He's going to kill me. I conscientiously wake myself from the dream and from sleep.