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I arrive at home and realize there

I arrive at home and realize there are bears all around my house. i sneak inside my home trying to be unnoticed by these bears. after being inside for a minute i realize there is a bear inside my house. i go and get a gun and kill a few bears then go outside there are still bears outside i feel trapped. i see my neighbors outside, they are aware of the bears but they do not think its a big deal. im out of ammo so i see if my neighbors have ammo or guns, i get a gun and shoot a bear outside. i get a group of people to go inside my home with me to kill the bears in my house. i have a gun and my friends have bow and arrows. i walk up to my house look in the window and see a bear cub. i go inside and go to my staircase and there are bears running up my stairs where we are shooting them, the bears are appearing and disappearing. after all the bears are dead i go outside where on of my friends was mauled by a bear. no one cares,

It was in a mansion..or at least,

It was in a mansion..or at least, a very large house. There was a fight; I don't know what we were fighting about. It was me and a group of around 5 guys, maybe more, against this woman. None of these people have faces I could remember, neither did the lady. I remember running down the hallway and reaching the room where the guys were fighting in. None of us had guns, only knives (machetes and longer blades). I opened the door and fought with the guys. The woman was fierce. She fought hard. And suddenly, the fight was outside in a large front lawn. All the guys seemed to be on the back ground, in the back of the lawn. I was standing in front of the woman. She had a knife through her lower abdomen, only the handle was sticking out, yet she was still moving. We engaged in hand-to-hand combat, until she brought out a knife. It was a tanto point, quite long, like a dagger. She stabbed at my side, and I remember seeing the blade miss my body by inches. I had a serrated blade, and I cut her and tried to stab her back, but it was impossible. The blade would never go through. It would cut, but barely, like she was made of a harder material. When she fell down, I stumbled back and backed away from her. I didn't get it. She had a knife through her body and was still moving. She picked up a knife that was laying on the floor and threw it..aiming at me. I dodged and it missed. She kept trying to hit me with a knife. Suddenly, I noticed one of the guys next to me and trying to get me away. She threw the knife and we dodged. Then, she had a bow and arrows. She shot 2 arrows and they missed narrowly. In the dream, I told myself it wasn't true, it wasn't true. I didn't believe myself, but I managed to wake up.

i had a dream about visiting a

i had a dream about visiting a place which seems like this place is connected to ramayan... this place had a river which i understood to be cauvery river... i saw a dedicated caves to rama , laxmana, sita and lord hanuman.... i entered into sita devi s cave there was not idol but i had an experience of current passing thru me felt like refreshed.. i entered into hanuman cave i saw a hanuman idol i bowed to it and prayed suddenly i saw eyes of hanuman open and looking at me then he just closed it... i also saw laxman s bow and arrow... this place looked like a hill station.

I was at a dance recital, carrying

I was at a dance recital, carrying a large bow and arrow made out of bamboo. I turned and accidentally hit a lady in the mouth with the bow. I brought her to the back of the building to help her clean up. While I was helping her, I turned around and saw a tattoo artist. I realized I was laying down on my stomach and he was giving me a tattoo. When I stood up, I had a tattoo of a moose head on the side of my knee, and a gothic "hello kitty" and a sheep on my thigh. I immediately felt very guilt and walked outside to call my mom. As I was on the phone with my mom, I looked up and realized I was at petsmart. Then I woke up.