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I was being a dumb ass some

I was being a dumb ass some cute light skin i guess i was in California saw me and got my attention so he drove everywhere buying me anything i ask for then he was rolling me back to his crib i thought he was takin me home ... so his cousin rode pass and saw i was in the car and he said she not ypur girl .. then i was like im just a friend the he ask me what 17 year old do then from there we still in the car dude cousin pulls out a knife and try to threatening me so im a ole g not ahow i was scared so then the pretty light skin that was buying me things pulled out a box cutter and start flashing it in my face ... then i got out the car i ran finally i pick up a sharp object idk if it was Bc we was in the hot cailfornia heat i couldnt run as fast then i shook shook broke ankles try drive off in the car then the car stop .. after that they both was chasing me then i woke up

I was in my school from middle

I was in my school from middle school, even though i am in highschool currently. There was a shooter in the school, and i was looking for a place to hide but i didn't want to hide in the bathrooms because people told me that the shooter was killing everyone in the bathrooms. So i was looking down the hallway and saw my friend savith, when i asked him to help me & come hide with me, he wouldn't answer me and instead just looked straight into my eyes, and sliced my neck with a box cutter. He was working for the killer, and was sent to kill me...