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I dreamt i was in an apartment

I dreamt i was in an apartment that was partially my kitchen at the seaside, partially some classroom and partially something unknown. My parents were away. It was night. There was a boy friend from my class with me and there was this black woman i liked really much. There was more people but they weren't valuable. I wore peanut butter shoes. All the other people died, including the black woman and my friend and I were the only ones left. We tried to sleep on the balcony but he got struck by lightning and fell fown and died. I screamed in shock and made a face. That lightning also ruined and fried my favorite wooden music box that my mom got me from Malaysia.

I dreamt that my boyfriend and I

I dreamt that my boyfriend and I were getting married and during the wedding celebration my boyfriend got intoxicated with alcohol too much and when I went up to him to try and stop him from drinking he run after me while peeing on me although we looked happy with huge smiles in the process of all the drama

My own wedding invitation card I saw

My own wedding invitation card I saw my self received my wedding invitation card by my to be husband which I have not actually accepted but he went ahead to print a card And I saw myself kissing my boyfriend and don't know how to tell him I will be getting married to someone else