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In my dream I was climbing a

In my dream I was climbing a very tall and rocky mountain, the next thing I knew I was laying on the ledge of the mountain with a broken leg. A rescue helicopter had flown up the mountain to get me, the helicopter had nowhere else to land but over the top of me. After it had landed and the rescue people jumped out to help me I slid head first off the mountain to my death. I could see everything as I was falling, I could see the rescue workers try to grab me as I was falling over the ledge, I could even see myself crashing head first into the rock that killed me. I could see my lifeless body spread across the rock.I woke up in a panic

I broke my leg doing something. And

I broke my leg doing something. And I was in bed at my grandparents house. And my mom left the room. And then John came in. And he said we need to stretch your leg. And he took my broken leg. And started moving towards me. And he was leaning in with it. Like he was about to kiss me. His eyes start to shut. And I was going along with it. And then my mom came in. And he jumped away from me. And then I don't remember what happens next. But then I was talking to you about how john almost kissed me. Then I was back at my grandparents house. And you and Thiany were staying in the room with me. And Elizabeth was right across from us. Then I fell asleep. I woke up. And I told you it was time to get up. And you said that you didn't fall asleep until 5 am. Then we were all eating in my grandparents house. Everyone from the swim team. Well I am not sure about everyone. But john was at the opposite side of the table. And Thiany was talking to Alexandre. And then john throws a penny. And it lands by me. He said its for Cara. I was mortified. And then I got up. And i was in a onesie. And I can't remember who pushed me over to john. And I was like no. And I fell right behind a nightstand. And John didn't see me. And I was hiding. Until someone saw me. And I said I got stuck. And I got out. And everyone was looking at me. I started crying and I ran upstairs back to my room and fell asleep. Then I woke up. And you came in. And said you really hurt john. I know he was flirting with you. And you made me feel guilty. So I ran downstairs. And I saw him talking to his mom by the door. I screamed his name. And he didn't hear me. Then I lost him. I ran outside. And I started running screaming his name. And in front of the house was a beach. I was struggling to run in my dream. And I said to Karine it's so hard to run in the sand. And I when I finally got to him. He was in his bathing suit. Not a speedo his normal bathing suit. He had abs and everything. I said john I need to tell you something. Then this really gorgeous blonde girl comes over and he said Cara this is my ex girlfriend. I said john I like you. And he said never mind. And pushed his ex away. And I thought to myself I need to kiss him before I wake up. I never kiss anyone in my dreams. And I turned his head towards me. And kissed him. It was a very short chaste kiss. And then I was stunned. Then I woke up in the dream and said holy shit and fell out of the bed.

I was in a big suv with

I was in a big suv with a girl i am nit friends with but know. We are driving down a street when she hits a car. instead of stopping she keeps going. the police see this and chase us. I tell her to stop but she doesn't. Then I asked her to let me out but she wont do that either.She decides to do some crazy spin around the police that are now chasing us. She loses control of the suv, where see spin out of control and begin flipping. this is when i come out of my body and watch a light surround me. i can hear the girl screaming and see her bouncing about in the driver seat. we survived the accident but she is in a coma and i only have a broken leg. then i woke up


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