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I was walking down the street and

I was walking down the street and saw a "homeless" couple I stopped and gave the man my granola bar because I didn't open it yet when I started walking away he pulled out an iPhone x I yelled at him I said I thought you were homeless I started walking away I heard him mocking me with I thought you were homeless hahaha I Turner around he had taken his costume off and the old couple was a couple of teenage boys me btw they were older than me I ripped off the rest of his costume and threw it at him

So the dream starts with me being

So the dream starts with me being shown to gym class in a new school,but I'm a girl now and when I get to class the pe teacher introduced me as A girl named Jaiden and everyone was no wiser that I used to be a boy and after he introduced me I went back to my seat and I was controlling female me, after my pe teacher took attendance I was pulled out by the principal and the principal knew I used to be a boy and he asked me if I was doing good and that I was having no problem with being considered a girl and I said I didn't everyone thinks I've always been a girl and after that this girl named Alexa came to me and said she was gonna give me a tour and this was a relief considering I didn't know were my dorms were(this was a college btw which was weird since I am only in highschool) and she showed me around and then she told me to look around while she got my dorm key and I did but I got lost and she found me and led me to my dorm and that was the end and when I woke up which ended stopping it and when I woke up I felt a strange happiness that I've never felt before I felt completely felt like me in the dream

I need help. For the past four

I need help. For the past four nights I have been dreaming about my ex. Mind you, I broke up with him and this was about a month ago. I'm not going to get into the reason why I broke up with him but I was sad of course but after three weeks I am not coming back to my normal self again. I still think about him, but not as much as I did. My dreams: I was at the mall and he was there..we just looked at each other and said nothing. Second, I was with a few new friends, he happened to be friends with them too and he was there, again we looked at each other and said nothing. Along with that dream, we were at a house (I'm assuming one of the friends, which by the way I had never seen before in real life, except one girl). He was sick (he has a sickness in real life too). The next night, this dream took place in the same house, I was looking for the girl that I said I knew in real life. (BTW I just know her..we don't hang out or anything. She's also several years younger than I). I opened the door and there was my ex and the girl doing sexual activities. He immediately sat up looking surprised and she looked embarrassed. I looked at him and just gave a small grin, closed the door and said nothing. The fourth and the last, I was napping, and I was beginning to wake up until I had a very short dream. Which included him sending me a text message that said "Babe, I". There were more words but I couldn't make them out. It was as thought it was another language. Thoughts? Interpretations?

I've never had a nightmare in my

I've never had a nightmare in my life. Not truly. I have complex dreams with detailed and intricate plots, often including demons and foes who would do harm. If not for me. I am socially interactive and whatnot, but dream me is emotionless. I am, in dream, the most effective version of myself. Strong enough to kill off the hordes of zombies. I hunt the wolves that seek me. I defeat the fastest warriors. Battles of words. Fights beyond fist. Every scenario I could not do. I use others, never directly hurt them, to obtain my objective, I myself would not do this. I am "better" in my dreams and I destroy my nightmares. But, is it possible he is the true nightmare? A shell of myself, void of emotions. Using solely the most effective methods. Doing what I could never do. What happens if I were to fight him. His will would make me believe I would win. Then again, it's his will. I am him, he is me. What is he? Who am I? Could it be I aspire to him and he aspires to me? Btw, I'm not crazy. No really. I'm dramatic but what are these dream. Who do I become?

Okay. So, I'm currently in a relationship,

Okay. So, I'm currently in a relationship, but before this current relationship, i was dating a girl. (i'm bisexual btw) I dated her in October 2012, we broke up December 2012 ,yet i still stuck by her side until June 8, 2013, so 6 more months after the break up. She knew i was falling in with her, and i was always telling her about how i felt about her, but she was never the same back. I didn't take it as anything because throughout getting to know her, she was never the kind to express feelings. But anyways, I thought everything would fall together the longer i would "ride or die" for her, until May of 2013. That night, we were drinking and my good friend, her lil cousin, kept saying "my niggas a PIMP!" and you know, it didn't bother me, but later that night, i had a dream that she was cheating on me, and that she was rubbing it in my face!! I woke up and asked her, if there's anything going on with her that i should know so i won't be holding her back from moving on since we weren't exactly IN A RELATIONSHIP, she said no, but a month later, June 8, 2013, i found out she was in a relationship with someone else... Now in my CURRENT relationship now, I've so far, had 3 dreams that he was cheating on me. The first one was just like the dream i had with my exgirlfriend. My boyfriend was cheating on me, and was rubbing the fact that he cheating on me in my face. the 2nd one was just the same, except different setting, and girls. This time, i just had a dream that he had a thing for some older woman, he's not a poetry type of person in real life, but in my dream he's written poems about her in his phone, had pictures of this woman in his calender books, and in my dream he has said "oh it's no one" but when i went through his phone, he wrote that this woman was his Love, but she was his heartbreaker... ); His past relationships, were NEVER as serious as the relationship he has now with me. NEVER as in, 99% of his ex girlfriends has cheated on him REPEATEDLY to the point where he did it back to them, yet he still stayed in the relationship for over at least one year.. Honestly, I trust him not to cheat on me, but his past relationship can really affect this current relationship. And after having 3 dreams of him cheating on me,.. i'm starting to get more and more insecure about myself, AND this relationship. ); Can someone PLEASE help me out so i don't think what happened in my last relationship with the girl, is gonna happen to this one? because i really don't want to loose THIS relationship, it's the BEST and the Most Sure Thing I've ever wanted.

had bought a red couch from a

had bought a red couch from a friend and was going to pick it up. Bill was driving a truck, btween him and I was a BIG Somoan looking guy, then me, then the guy who got murdered was sitting next to me. I asked him if he had told Kim sister in law and his family he was alive and he said "No, someone needs to tell Kim I'm ok" and then I told him how my niece had posted smoething about how she was sorry she never gave him a chance on instagram and he had made them all sad, and I picked up my phone to show him the picture and comments, and all I could find were pictures of Kim's sister and he looked at them and asked "who is that" and I told him who it was

I was at my mums house, and

I was at my mums house, and she was fine yet there was this man that always seemed to be in the background, he never spoke and he seemed like he could be a nasty piece of work, and then i walked with my mum into the backgarden and whilst she smoked her ciggy, i walked up the garden path like i usually did, i climbed a tree and when i turned around there was my partners male cousin, he said something along the lines of dont think about going anywhere and then we looked around and saw a roller skate rolling down the roof of the shed! and thats weird but i looked back at him and then there was another guy that i knew from my past that i had a complicated relationship with, we've not spoken in years and yet here he was sat next to my partners cousin. Then they both turned into WOLVES! so i walked indoors and when they came through the back door they became wolf pups? then i woke up. I swear im going crazy?! ive had even weirder dreams before this one... Btw im an 18 year old guy

i move to another country on my

i move to another country on my own, where it is warmer.. then stay in a hotel for a few weeks while i search for an apartment and a job, i then get a nice apartment, and a job in a diner. then it skips to where i get a roommate to help out with the rent. (a male roommate btw) we get close, end up becoming best friends, we go out, have drinks together, get dinner, watch movies together, then i meet a guy on a night out with my roommate, we end up having a thing (me and the other guy), then when we get pretty serious and we actually have sex, (which was my first time) he cheats on me and we break up, i seek comfort with my roommate.. we then go out alot, then at Christmas while where at a friends party, we end up under some mistletoe.. our friends make us kiss, and it ends up being really intense, and we notice that we have like a connection or something, that were meant for each other, but we ignore it, then when we get back to our apartment, when were saying goodnight he kisses me on the cheek, then we share a moment while staring into each others eyes, then he lifts me up and set me on the dresser beside the door, starts taking off m clothes, we have sex, then we cuddle up to each other and fall asleep, then he wakes me up in the morning with breakfast in bed and thats it.

I was Queen Elizabeth's long lost daughter

I was Queen Elizabeth's long lost daughter whom she gave up for adoption. And I was a journalist. And I visited her. And she pretended she was happy to see me an speak to me and get to know me. (BTW, I had to get my hair cut short and dress like a boy to actually get in because apparently The Buckingham Palace don't allow women to enter.) The reason I know she 'pretended' to like me was because I overheard her make a call to some assassins. She was scared I would write an article about being her daughter and wanted to get rid of me.