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I was going on a journey; to

I was going on a journey; to where I don’t know, and found myself at the airport. Just before I presented myself to the check-in desk I felt an annoying lump on the bridge my nose; slightly to the left hand side... like a plook. So I trudged off to the nearest mirror for a look, and discovered the shocking truth. This was no pimple, zit, spot or suppuration of pus that had grown like a mountain to the surface of my skin. Nor was this a teenage bout of acne waiting to be compressed between my pinched thumb and forefinger, exuding a lava that resembled the contents of a squeezy bottle of mustard. But what was it? I had to look closer..... A miniature flower had taken root and bloomed through the surface of my earthly pore. Like a daisy gently bristling in a grassy meddow, the pollen scented aroma of summer surrounded by silken petals bloomed in colour and vibrancy. I began to pick off the petals one by one only to find hidden under each an angry wasp buzzing with rage and torment, including the Queen who sat under the petal at the top of the flower pointing north at 12 o’clock. For fear of being stung I couldn’t touch anymore and had to leave any future ‘weeding’ until after my flight. As my flight landed I found myself in Windsor and a new job. I was working for another Queen, this time Elisabeth I of Scotland and II of England. My job was to help with the smooth running of the upcoming Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan. The job didn’t last and I soon found myself unemployed. Handing back in my Royal page-boy type uniform, consisting of plus fours, white tights, buckled shoes and a thrilly laced shirt, I returned to Mexico. Dejected, starving and struggling for cash I decided, upon advice from a friend, to become self-employed and was soon earning a pittance gift wrapping souvenirs purchased by tourists for their loved ones at home. It wasn’t enough though and my meagre earnings barely stretched to buying a plate of taco soup, rice and beans. But In a weird twist of fate my dream morphed into a strange success story – like the American dream I tweaked my business and moved it lock, stock and two smoking barrels to a gay nightclub. I was now offering a naked gift wrapping service and was rolling in the money.

It begins with me and my best

It begins with me and my best friend sitting in a café and on my lap is a little boy who must be about 1 or 2 sitting in my lap. Then a boy that I used to be with but recently left me for his ex walks in with a good friend of his. The little boy jumps up off my lap and runs to him and refers to him as daddy. He asks me if we can talk and we begin to fight, but I tell him that we wont do this in front of out son and take the baby and leave. I buckle the baby in and when I go to pull out, I make eye contact with him and then all of a sudden my car is hit with me and the baby in it. I have also had a reoccurring dream the the same baby is in the backseat of my car and when I come to a 4 way light I see the same guy I used to be with, make eye contact with him and the he gets hit by a car and his truck goes rolling

I was driving up to the Grand

I was driving up to the Grand Canyon with my family. It is a sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. I thought to myself, “what a wonderful day to go out on a family outing”. As we drive my family starts laughing and I wonder what is so funny and I looked down and I wasn’t wearing a single stitch of clothing. My face turned red and I felt embarrassed. I heard someone yelling at me as well. When I looked in the back of the car my vocal coach was there yelling at me saying “you are wrong, this is wrong!” we just kept driving along and suddenly the car turned into a giant pre-calc test with an “F” on it and it was chasing after me! I ran away from it saying “No, go away! I don’t want you!!” The test started leapt off the ground and began to fly hovering over me. Then it dove right into me and I was in the car again. I was scared and the day that had been so sunny and warm turned into a windy cold rainy day. As I watched the weather change I felt sad because it wouldn’t be as much fun going to the Grand Canyon in rainy, windy weather as it would be if it were sunny and warm. I looked I unbuckled my seat belt to talk to my mom in the passenger’s seat and neither of my parents were there, so there was no one driving the car! Absolute terror ran through my every vein. I felt my pulse racing and I went to grab the wheel but it was locked I watched as the car smashed right into a telephone pole. The car went up and came back down and flipped over, leaving me trapped under its debris. I screamed so loudly that my throat hurt but no one could hear me. I started to cry because I couldn’t find my family that had been in the car with me when we crashed. As best I could being in the trapped position that I was in I tried to find where my brothers had gone. There was no sight of them so I figured that they had been ejected from the car! I was shaking and screaming because I didn’t know what to do and no one could hear me. Just then a majestic white bird appeared next to me and said “its not your time yet”, then disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared. I was confused, I didn’t know what the bird meant by that. Then I closed my eyes and I was back in the same vehicle that had just been in a gruesome car accident. We were at the top of the Grand Canyon now. I breathed a huge sigh of relief saying to myself“they are ok, thank god! I went over to the edge of the Canyon and stepped on a loose rock and fell over the edge. I reached out but no one grabbed me. I looked up and to the sky and saw a beautiful color blue. I hit the ground and say my family standing over my grave, crying and mourning

I had a dream that I was

I had a dream that I was smoking weed with Method Man and Capadonna and another person. Method Man was selling weed to two young men that i used to go to school with and then the cops came driving down. I saw the cop car and I said "dip dip" or something like that signaling that we needed to leave right at that moment. I was in the car behind the passanger seat and someone was driving the car, I don't really remember who. We sped off out of the junkyard or where ever we were and we headed down the road leading out of the junkyard or where ever it was. The person driving ended up going too fast and I was going to say something but I figured that this was meant to happen and that the person knew already to slow down and make that right turn in the road rather than driving into the trees so I didn't say anything. We didn't make the turn in time but the car slightly turned right enough to where when we got into the trees, we were spinning uncontrollably. I was aware of what was going on but I kept my cool and remained calm during the entire way down. I braced myself for impact by holding on tighty to something .. quite possibly it was the seat that i was holding onto but for some reason I am also getting that it could've been the wheel that I was holding onto but I am not entirely sure although I don't really think so but I don't know. Anyways, we were going down and spiralling out of control when we reached the water and went straight down but before the we hit the water, I spotted the water and noticed that we were going down so I unbuckled my seatbelt and opened the door. I was in the car in the water and I left the car but while I was in the water, I swallowed a few gulps of water before I ended up swimming up towards the surface. Needless to say, I survived.