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My sister and i were both had

My sister and i were both had our periods on us and she wanted to lay on top of me with her blood flowing through her panty. a bulldozer was going downhill to rescue something of mine. two children were left in the sun and the younger one was passed out on the side of the road then later their parents and family came looking for them and they were burnt from the sun.

Husband and I unexpectedly went to sons

Husband and I unexpectedly went to sons in laws home to deliver an item. They have been rude to us routinely. They live on an acreage with a lovely large home, my military son and daughter in law were there who live out of state with a new baby which we did not know about. The house was full of people, a baptism was to take place. I was crushed for not being included. On our way out, a medical emergency happened. It was so vivid, a person went into full cardiac arrest and I a nurse, went to work on the individual near the door we were exiting. While working on this person people started running, yelling and men were going outdoors as a flood was coming upon the property. They were getting heavy duty equipment, bulldozers and such to try to protect the house and water was overcoming the house. The person in cardiac arrest rebounded, husband and I made it out safely. The house and property took a heavy hit.

In another room I hear a loud

In another room I hear a loud noise that get ever louder, next thing I know a bulldozer rams through my bedroom wall, takes out the hallway and the living room wall. Furious that I or a family member or pet could have been hurt I start yelling and the operator of the bulldozer, he tells me that he has to make way for a hospital right where we live.