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Hi Please help I had this dream

Hi Please help I had this dream last night it was so vivid I need to know what it means: We were in another state not where we live in a shopping mall watching a movie in individual cubicles on small screens all of a sudden I started vomiting for no reason over myself I had a tie on and I took it off from around my neck I was wearing my leather jacket it got vomit on it I wiped it clean. Then my friend her husband and our kids left as I was not feeling well - my friend called an Uber xl - while we were waiting to leave a guy not overly aggressive tried to abduct my friends husband grabbing him saying your coming with me I gabbed him back saying no he’s coming with us - then the guy pulled out a small blade on my friends husband I tried to calm him down - next minute 2 strangers grabbed the attempted abductor and shot him with a tiny gun in the mouth he was smiling opened his mouth it was a fake bullet on his tongue after a moment they all laughed and it appeared we were in a street theatre thing - so weird - never wear ties Thank you

Started off at the mall where I

Started off at the mall where I was relaxing under a tree. All of a sudden, armed gunmen started approaching about 500 yards apart from one another in a grid pattern. I apparently had a wingsuit and took to the skies. The remainder of the dream was trying to avoid their shots and bouncy bombs that had to be swatted away with perfect timing in order to avoid being blown apart. Eventually, I reached the Oracle (yes, Oracle the software company) building and the gunmen were now about 100 yards apart from each other (so much more in a close range in the field) also now there were gunmen on the rooftops. I tried everything I could to hide in trees and avoid them but they kept spotting me and I would have to move quickly to avoid their bullets and bombs. Eventually, I found some old acquaintances from high school a few blocks away who were doing their best to fight the gunmen off but the area became overrun. Large lights began to flash and sirens sounded and then I woke up.