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I had dream last night... I stand

I had dream last night... I stand up highest hill where the sky was open all around me. I'm looking up at the sky at night starring at the stars brights as diamonds. I see a shooting star in the sky splitting it's way through the horizon and I beleive its an angel and is going to complete a task. I hear " Come to prayer", I put my hands up and make Dua for Love. I finish my prayer and look up straight and I see a man standing infront of me with a distance of more or less 5 from me. He says "Your prayer was accepted". Then we lookup at the sky again. He is a young man, close to my age, In white cloths with dark hair, light skin, taller then me, medium build. "I seek ability by virtue of Your power, and I ask You of Your great bounty. You have power, I have none. And You know, I know not. You are the Knower of hidden things in my hearts, and you are the one who makes prayers come true, you know before I ask for, you know what's best for me, O Allah, I seek what is good for me. O Allah, if in Your knowledge, it is good for me both in this world and in the Hereafter for my life, make it easy for me, and bless it for me. And if in Your knowledge it is bad for me and for my religion for me both in this world and the next, then turn me away from it, and make it easy for me to bear the burden, so I be pleased with it." I finish my prayer abd look to my rught abd there us a mab standing. He had heard my prayer abd he says your prayer is accepted.

I remember taking care of my grandmother

I remember taking care of my grandmother at her house. The house in the dream was perfect down to every detail. (she is dead in real life) In the dream I was feeling burdened by having to care for her so i hired a Maid. When the Maid arrived for some reason we was on the floor taking care of my grandmother, I can't recall why she was on the floor, but I do recall the Maid saying she wasn't getting paid enough for this and she started to complain. Then I got up and asked her if she wanted juice, water or "syrup". When I got to the kitchen there was none there and I began to get afraid don't know why but I ran out the house. I remember running out the kitchen to go outside when I got to the porch I heard gunshots and saw bullets go through the front door coming from behind me. I continued to run to the police station that was across the street from her house. There was no cars when I crossed the street but I was running in a weird way I would run top speed then slow to jog and keep doing it. When I got close to the police station I decided to take a back ally way it was a normal afternoon day at this point and I started to jog.( completely forgot about the gunshots at this point) As I am jogging I see this black cat off in the distance walking towards me so I sped up to top speed me and the cat were running right at each other like we were going to have a collision but at the last second i jump right over the cats head. The cat was attempting to claw at me as I jumped over its head. I felt like I was going to die if it scratched me though. I continue my jog around the police station looking back every now and again to see the cat still scratching at the air. When I got back to the front of the police station I saw two cops walking German shepards one woman and I can't remember the sex of the other one but I only spoke to the woman. They were friendly I told the woman how much I loved German shepards and how I used to have one but lives far away. And I remember her talking but not listening but looking at the German Shepard she was walking. We walked across the police station for a while together the whole tome the background for the dream was the street in front of the police station.when we walked to the ally that I ran down earlier the other cops dog ran off cause it seen the cat from earlier in the ally. But the cat just disappeared and the cop was yelling for his dog to come back. When we got back to my grandmother street i remember smiling at the cop and saying goodbye, and her telling me how she sells German shepards and I should take her card and call her if I needed one. I took the card but was unsure about it. The continued to walk down the street and I continued to walk back to my grandmothers. I noticed my mom and sister when I looked away form the cops going to my grandmothers house and I got immediately afraid and began to sprint towards them yelling "don't go in!!!!". When I caught up to them they was on the bottom step to the porch. I told my mom there was gun shits in the house after I left and she shouldn't go in. She still walked up the porch and opened the porch door. I grabbed her again and said we need to leave they still might be inside she looked at me and looked back at the cops who were still walking the dogs farther away up the street. When she opened the house door I pushed her against the wall and told her don't move the killer is still inside we need the cops. The dream brought me back to the street were the porch door closed by itself everybody was gone but me. When the porch door closed my grandfather was crucified to the porch door completely naked with a additional nail in his neck. He was mumbling something but I couldn't understand. There was writing all around him but I couldn't read. I was staring and then I woke up huffing and puffing. Thank you for reading and I hope you can help me figure out what this means. I don't dream and this was very strange.

In my dream, I was very scared

In my dream, I was very scared because my mom was going to leave me at our old house to clean it up, and get in ready to hand over to the owner. I was watching my brother whom had in reality lost a leg due to a horrible accident,was struggling to get the yard cleaned up, so I offered my help to relieve him of the burden, he accepted my help, and was going to leave with my mom. There was no one else going to be there at all, except myself and it was already late at night, the house had no electricity, so it was pitch black, and I had no telephone to call anyone should I need any help, so I was terrified at the thought she would leave me there in such fear, when I woke up, I was moaning and trying to yell for help basically, because I was so afraid to be left like that without anything or anyone there with me.

I was with a group of friends.

I was with a group of friends. We were in a rustic world. The world was of superstition, rogues, and canvas clothes, dirt ‘roads, donkeys and mules that carried goods, and roman soldiers. We were dirty and dusty and talking and mingling when we saw the sentries carting these enormous carts that resembled hay carts only bigger. They were covered in coarse dirty canvas and bound with ropes. We were undoubtedly curios so we followed them for a distance before turning into an abandoned side street where we notice d a huge wooden garden gate that towered about three times as tall as any grown man. It was locked and it seemed like there was a piece of the city hidden behind it and we could find no other entrance nor remember ever having seen this peculiarity once in our lives before. Being the hotheaded adventure seekers we were, we scaled the gate and landed behind it. All we saw was more stucco walls that we assumed was housing and a long open dirty road without any vendors or stalls or donkeys. The only thing we saw in the distance was the form of what appeared to be a misshapen babe. We decided to walk around and try to find the people that lived there but happened upon the babe sooner than we expected. Much to our surprise the sitting babe was nearly as tall as we were and it’s dancing sister who would normally look no older than two or three years loomed a few feet above us. We stared with our mouths agape as we tried to comprehend what we saw. Then we heard it. Rumbling footsteps that undoubtedly belonged to the parent of these abnormal children. Not wanting to meet whatever conceived such anomalies we darted for the gate but found it nearly impossible to scale. We alsotried squeezing through the nonexistent gaps in the slating and near the ground while we cursed ourselves for our rash stupidity. The creature that rounded the corner was huge. But considering that we were all too busy dodging its blows and scrambling to find our way out we had no idea what gender it may have been and whether or not it appeared human. I am still unable to describe how we managed to escape the nether side of the wooden garden gate, but thankfully we did. I do remember watching the solders finish unloading these gigantic canvas wrapped burdens from the huge carts. Donning dirty, abandoned doctors robes my friends and I approached the sentries with an air of confidence. One sentry led us over to the hills that he promptly ordered to be be uncovered for us only ( I may not have mentioned but this huge square was devoid of all but the solders and ourselves). They cut the ropes and the canvas falls and there are several Giant’s carcasses. Some of their bodies look mutilated, burned, and others are just bloody. My friends and I gather our bearings and try to look as professional as possible as we study the bodies. We then walk over to the most mutilated and damaged carcass in order to more closely observes how they killed these creatures (our experience form earlier that day still fresh in our minds.) The solder then asks for my opinion on the body and I scramble mentally for a response as I quickly survey the corpse. I then notice something odd about a bone in the back of the Giant’s hand and I pull it out gently. On a random impulse, I slde the bone into my own hand. Suddenly the carcass becomes animate as it mirrors my movements. I then wake up. What did this mean?

i dreamed of the funeral of a

i dreamed of the funeral of a child (who looked alot like me) but she was the child of a step-cousin as it was him and his mother that i saw crying it was a big funeral with lots of singing and actually joyfulness that the child was ascending into heaven i awakened feeling less burdened actually as if it was a good dream my father recently passed and i was disinherited in his final will (which was not the will he told me about -- he changed it when he was very sick and medicated and left everything to a half-brother)