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my family won a trip to

my family won a trip to japan, and while we were there,we went to some type of show event. at the event, something went wrong. there were fires and people screaming and running. Then someone, he wasn't human stopped it all. He followed me and my family back to our vacation house in a different state. I woke up early one morning before everyone else and he was there standing over by a huge group of trees outside the house and he waved. i waved back and went outside to look at him. there were horses everywhere so i threw rocks in their general direction to make them go away and they turned into fairies. they talked about how the strange man was also a fairy and he was in love with me, but to be with him i had to have pointed ears. they then attacked me and pinned me down trying to give me pointed ears, the man got upset and made them stop. i fainted and he brought me back inside. Months had past and i had gotten to kn ow him. i went to go see him one day and he attacked me, frustrated that i wouldn't take the pointed ears. i ran away from him as he screamed at me,"how could you do this? you promised me!how can you sit outside your house and look at the trees with a smile on your face and say that you don't love me? how could you?" he also accidentally revealed he wasn't a fairy but a demon.

. I can’t remember but there

. I can’t remember but there was a 3rd person that was trying to pull us back together somehow, but I can’t make out the person’s face. I pretty much feel as though that person was female, but to be honest I really can’t remember. I do remember that whoever it was there was standing next to the main entrance door as if they were holding it open for me. As I made my way in, I remember having a smirk on my face as if I was pleased as to what I saw happening. Jillian was cleaning and had a ping pong table in a semi-folded position, and was at times wiping it down. I remember being confused trying to figure out where the ping pong table had been stored the whole time that I knew her, because I loved ping pong and probably would have wanted to play. I remember asking aloud, why are you doing this? Jillian didn’t say anything just kept cleaning, but gave me a look like, I should know why. I got the impression it was because I was still moving in with her after we got married. But, no words were spoken by her to me, just the look.

I´m so tired of being unsatisfied of

I´m so tired of being unsatisfied of myself, i wish i can be the real person I am, taking away all the negative energy out of me once for all, and be happy for myself and make persons happy that cross my way. I wish i can achieve my dreams, craving for changing the world and people by myself but how can i change a crowd if i can even change mysef yet, I need to leave my mind in blank and clear my thoughtsm as well i need to fond my real me, but to begin with i need to stay away from the persons that doesnt vibrate in my same frequency

I dream that I was in the

I dream that I was in the train with two of my friends. We're going somewhere I don't know. Then two of my brothers and their friends attacked USA d capture both of my friends. So what I did was that I capture one of their friends in the process and We were a distance away from each other and I told them if you hurts my friends, I will hurt this guy and they said do it and see what will happen, so I hurt the guy that I capture and ran away and hide. They were not able to find me until lastly, as I was swiping my metro card, they appear and chase me. Then later it appear that I was with one of my friends and The guy that I killed was in my hands, but to be honest, I don't even know how I kill that guy. We were walking to my friends sister's house and I ask him where to throw the cadaver of the guy I killed and he said throw it here and I did. Moreover, as we were walking, I realized that my friend change his real name and ask why and he said because he love that name and I didn't said anything after that. My friend also told me that his brother always seem angry with him whenever he go to see his sister. And then I woke up.