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I had a dream a few nights

I had a dream a few nights ago that I was being birthed by a purple hippo. The hippo was for some reason in the sporting goods section of a Target. As I emerged from her nether regions covered in a purple goo, a man threw a rock at my hippo mother. I leapt at him and he was a solid 25 yards away. I began to pummel him like I was some vicious ape. People gathered around me filming it. Once I realized what I had done and what was happening I became terrified. Suddenly I was in a cage at the zoo with children laughing at me. That's when I woke up

I dreamt I was in a big

I dreamt I was in a big water reserve and I was with some friends floating. At first I could touch the bottom but then my friend told my to go nearer where she was and the water was deep. We went so far until I got scared of big fish trying to eat me so we went back where there were slot of people and asked them to take us on a boat. An old man agreed but his boat was little and he had a cage on it with a dummy. I jumped into the water to get on his boat and there was a dead body right next to me. I screamed and it happened to be the old mans brother. The old mans son was trying to convince us that his dad was safe but we didn’t believe him.

i was in a home that i

i was in a home that i was not familiar with i kept going in and out of conscious i seen a girl not sure if she was causing harm to me or mad or helping but i fell to the ground and faded out. when i woke up i seen a cage with miniature cats or kittens then i got up walked to the door of a room then turned around and went into a kitchen when i turned around it was like i was floating my way around and i seemed happy then i got knocked to the ground somehow on my way to drink water

i was driving drunk and drifting the

i was driving drunk and drifting the road and my head lights wouldn't work. My friend mac was in the passenger sear and pointed out that they weren't working. I ended up at my friend kirstens house with a weird group of people. WE Were all hanging out and I was trying to hook uo with a girl. I left we thought the cops came. I followed my friend bailey down mainstreet he pulled off behind one of the buildings. No one was around and all lights were off. I parked and a truck with a trailer that had a cage around it was full of scary criminals and clowns. It stopped on the other side of the road across from me. I sat there until one of the guys in black baggy pants and shirt got out and came toward me. I then left and drove to a near by gas station in thinnest town over, I parked there until a group of basketball players came to get there cars because they were car polling.


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