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I dreamed I was in a desert

I dreamed I was in a desert with a camel, and we were walking through the vast sandy expanse, and sometimes rocks would rise from the ground and seep water. Eventually the camel stopped drinking the water, saying that it wanted a pond. We wanted further, going for an oasis, but the camel's humps started to shrink. It tried the stone water a couple more times, but just wouldn't have it. Eventually it couldn't go any further, and laid down. I continued on, and eventually found an oasis. I dnt back to find the camel, carrying a bucket of water. The camel wouldn't drink from the bucket, even when I said it came from a pond, and eventually it died, and I continued on alone until I woke up.

I am returning from school, moving towards

I am returning from school, moving towards my old house where we used to stay during my school days. In the building compound, I see 2 camels and as I run closer cos am so excited to see the camels, suddenly I see a double faced ape riding one of the camels. After that I suddenly see a huge bird like an emu. Then I see a little boy who throws a duck like bird on me and I try to shoo it away, however the duck like bird keeps pouncing on me and around me and starts biting my fingers

I had the most bizarre dream ever

I had the most bizarre dream ever last night and you were in it! It was set at Camelot and I was really upset because I didn't have time to do my makeup before my first set and for some reason I was wearing my glasses. Customers were really nice to me about it, but I was embarrassed. For some reason, Camelot looked nothing like it typically does and had three floors. You could lean over the second floor to see who was sitting on the bottom floor and there were some kids from my high school there… I didn't speak to them and went back to the dressing room which resembled a classroom. All of the sudden gunshots rang out and Vivian and I hid inside a little closet. Then there was a voice over the loudspeaker that the shooting was over but that three people had been injured but not killed. All of these people from my high school then came into this classroom/dressing room. I really wanted a drink so I went to this tiny fridge in the back which was similar to a mini-bar at a hotel… some of the mini bottles were empty, but I picked a little thing of Smirnoff Ice (gross). Then you came in and started using a computer in the back of the room. Everyone was eating St. Patrick's Day cake and saying that you were the shooter and no one would speak to you… I remember someone saying something like "she took a charge for her man."