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A guy I used to talk too,

A guy I used to talk too, came into my room and almost had sex but he was drunk and fell asleep. I tried to sneak him out of my house because my dad was home and didn't want to get caught with him. So I hid him in the microwave and accidentally cooked him into a piece of chicken. I then took him to my room, asked if he was ok then had a couple bites of him and left him to go canoeing. I asked the people there if the person would be ok if I accidentally cooked them into a piece of chicken and they said yeah. So I texted him asking if he's ok but got no reply lol

A person i know but i didn't

A person i know but i didn't like that much was kidnapped and she was like our mentor and so we had a mission to do and that was to find a very important person so they can help us complete the mission out mentor had left for us but we didn't know who it was. I had a green crystal that had a map showing our mentor's location and where we were. We had clues that took us to places and they were places like volcanoes, deserts and even my school. There were bad guys trying to stop us everywhere we went and the more places we went, i realized that our location was getting closer to our mentor's and i realized that the person we were looking for was out mentor and i was the only one who knew and i couldn't tell the others because we were in danger and there was no time. We keep going to places and finding clues and tunnels and ways to get out and during the night we would sleep together and i liked a guy in our group and i would sleep close to him every night.


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