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In my dream we were getting ready

In my dream we were getting ready for the big sacrificial ritual on Samhain when we suddenly realized all our sacred blades had been replaced by plastic butter knives. Obviously these were useless to us so we had to send a slave out to Walmart to get a set of sharp carving knives and then the High Priest blessed them and we were able to get back to the sacrifice but it really slowed everything down and was a drag.

I'm lying on my back and carving

I'm lying on my back and carving designs into the rafters in the attic. A woman (wife but not my wife) and starts complaining about how much time I spend working on the house and not her. She gets down on her knees to see what I'm doing and I stab her in her ear with a pencil. The ear cartilage. She grabs her ear and starts screaming. Rats come out and attack her. I stand up and walk out of the room. I'm now in a very small room with a table, phone book, and phone on the table. I exit that room and I'm at the top of a big and wide spiral staircase. All the walls are wood paneling and I have carved designs in every inch of the wood. When I get to the bottom of the stairs I see some lady I don't want to talk with sitting on my couch looking out the back windows of the living room. Behind her and the couch are a row of exotic animals, 2 lions, a gorilla, and a couple of tigers all in cages with steel bars and bulletproof glass. I climb up on top of the cages and open the gate to the two lions. They come out and attack the lady sitting on the couch. I then exit the front of the house and when I look up at the house, I realize it is actually a castle that I built by hand. I climb up the outside walls and through a window of the room with the table, phone book, and phone. I call for my driver to come to pick me up at the hardware store. When I hang up, I set the phone book on the floor and set it on fire.

My friend and Reiki Healer found green

My friend and Reiki Healer found green limestone in a local wilderness area and carved it into 3 large, 1 medium-sized, and several small beautiful hand carvings, of which she gave me the medium-sized one.

I was doing a ghost hunt thing

I was doing a ghost hunt thing and we stayed at this coastal place and this spooky thing was flying around in the night sky, like someone sat in a chair but floating and flying about. Me and some others managed to chase after it and film it, then it landed so I jumped on it with my gopro camera and it started to fly off Then I woke up. I was like a big chair thing with grotesque wooden carvings on it

In my dream i had been above

In my dream i had been above water some men where lowering a carved human body shape from wood with the arms of the carving extended out a hole placed in the back of the head then one man said the once the demon was released threw the whole that this would begin the the cycle of the end i understood this to be the starting clock of revealations. when i woke from this dream i google a parcle parts of the dream and it lead me to the ancient mayans beliefs amongst other cultura belief around the world , i would like a secound oppionion on this thank u.

Basically as soon as i closed my

Basically as soon as i closed my eyes i could see people, just hundreds of random people which I've obviously seen at some point and my mind just brought up all their faces. Then it turned into a night out with my friends, sister and her ex. I was super drunk and couldn't control me, i kept falling over randomly, and these girls got me kicked out for touching their asses (i didn't though). so i get thrown out by the bouncer and run for it and i end up getting tackled and cracking my head on the pavement. Then a load of random skater dudes came and they were mental, had razor blades and were fighting me and my friends. I push one of a roof, then i turn and my friend is carving a cross into his face with this razor blade. So we all run across these train tracks and i nearly get hit but don't. We make it to the hotel and I'm dying to go inside our room but they don't want to so stay outside. This random guy asks me for £10 to use the ATM so i give him 2 spoons and a flip knife for some reason then run to the room. Then I'm in the hotel with my sister and everywhere goes silent apart from a ringing in my ears, this guy pulls me to the floor because theres a bomb about to go off, i try to go get my sister but he pulls me to the floor. This bomb goes off, cracks all the windows, cars roll through the windows too, My sisters lying on the floor. As soon as i go to her she gets up and runs away and i think thats when i wake up.

At first I was in a theatre

At first I was in a theatre or cinema with my mum and my sister andt then my mum wanted to change seats and we got frustrated with her. Then we seemed to be somewhere warm like on a holiday and there was a huge balcony that could be seen from where we were. I seemed to then be on the balcony and witnessed someone with what must have been something like a chain-saw just walking up to people on sun-beds on the balcony and just carving them up - taking arms off, sawing through their bodies etc I felt sick and terrified and then woke up

I was walking home semi-naked to get

I was walking home semi-naked to get some information for someone, I would get home and forget what I was doing there. The next thing I knew I had numbers and words carved into my skin, I asked my parents how it happened and they said I did it to myself. I watched myself writing numbers on a piece of paper and they were being carved into my skin. I could not tell if I was awake or asleep as when I woke up I could still see the carvings on my skin.