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I had a dream about schnitzel and

I had a dream about schnitzel and when i lifted it someone’s name appeared. Almost like an after effect with text. I know who the name is but in the dream i had no idea who he was. The room was white with no tables or chairs yet we were sitting and eating off of like a table

Moving to a warmer more social state

Moving to a warmer more social state and into a larger 2 storey White House. I climbed up a chair and over an old wardrobe to a higher floor, finding 2 larger more spacious and light filled rooms. The furniture nearly toppled, however I worked out how to stabilise them. One I thought of using as an art studio and the other as a bedroom. The house was close to a little coffee stand. I felt excited to move. On the lower floor in the darker rooms was my ex - he was carrying my daughter at a younger age and I wondered why I ever let him near her - she was too vulnerable and I didn’t realise how cruel he was.

I had a dream that my boyfriend

I had a dream that my boyfriend got injured badly and I was in a hospital with him . My family was there too trying to cal me down and telling my that everything will be fine because I was crying a lot . I was in a hospital room with him and he was on a wheelchair and had his leg in a cast and something more to it it was like metal because he couldn’t move with it at all . I told him that everything will be fine soon not to worry about it . My parents took me and him to his house because someone had to stay and look after him and said that I should stay they that it’s oki . Before I could stay at his house I had to sign some paper that a post man was carrying as it had to be known how many people were staying in his house and then we when in normally and my family left after .

I was at an athletics meet and

I was at an athletics meet and this crowd dancing formation thing happens where we are in lines, dancing and moving across the field. Then some lady tells me to tie my hair up and "where are your parents you need to tie that up" and i say no a few times and "what is the reason?". Then I go to my parents in the warmup area and my old friend's mum (I'm seeing the friend soon in real life) is there but she seems to ignore me a bit. I'm debating when to warm up. Suddenly I see a shop, two of my favourite jewellery shops mixed together and go in with mum but the stuff is all really bad and weird and expensive and it seems more like a reject shop. As I walk out I hear the lady speaking Indonesian to some man. When mum meets me outside she bought a baby with star eyes for $90 that the lady convinced her to buy so I express my disapproval of the baby and she returns it. Then I see my old taekwondo friend makayla and these two random girls tell me to follow them and I sit on the bench with them. They tell me this boy likes me and they saw my old coach and asked him about it. Then this police car smashes into the back of the chair, the chair is lifted up but we are all fine.

I dreamed that I was entering a

I dreamed that I was entering a church and that the woman I like was sitting in a chair staring into my eyes.

I was having a sleepover with my

I was having a sleepover with my boyfriend, a girl I'm not very close with but me and her talk, and some other people. Me and my boyfriend got into a small fight because I pulled his hair and he says that he wants me to stop pulling his hair. I walk away, angry, and go up into my room and as I'm walking up the stairs I can see my boyfriend talking to one of his friends saying "I have to go get my girl." and he comes up the stairs, following me, and tries to give me a hug but I don't hug him back. Then the girl I'm not very close with comes and gets me and invites me to go downstairs with her so we can watch a movie and explains that she's already asked the grandma that was there, I had never see this women before in my life but we went downstairs and stayed down there for a little before everyone comes down with us. Someone suggests an activity and I say okay, but I'm going to change into my pajamas. I go upstairs, and see a fight in the living room between two girls I've never seen before, and I saw one of my old friends who I haven't spoken to in a long time, and I stood next to her and she gave me a smile and we started talking and they were really fighting, one of the girls were getting beat up really badly and she was crying begging the other to stop, while the other was attacking her. And the girl that was attacking her grabbed her butt in a very weird way. Then a girl in the wheelchair intervened and said stop, and then when I turned my head it wasn't my old friend anymore it was my sister and we were making jokes, then we all starting singing a part in a theme song of a kid's show and the girl in the wheelchair turned out to be a girl I know from cheerleading, and she was no longer crippled and instead walking and talking fine.

I had a dream where i had

I had a dream where i had been for a walk and then ladies of similar faces were sitting on a chair and lifting one of their leg and told Asalamualaikum' in your dream..

In my dream, I was walking to

In my dream, I was walking to Edwan's house. There was also a white car in their yard; it was Ruwayda's mom's car, and she and someone else were in the car talking. He was a guy, but I didn't know his name, and I didn't care, so I went inside to see him just to hear from the people who live there that he wasn't home. He and Lago and someone else went to some place I never heard of. I was bumped out because I had to walk all this way. So I wanted to go back home, but the lady in his wouldn't let me leave until she gave me something to eat.I appreciated her off and sat down and waited, but she realized that there wasn't any food in the house. Then I told her it was okay and that I would eat home. She told me to sit there and wait while she was going to the shop. I abled and sat down, and when she left, I started wondering why Ruwayda was here and in her mom's car with someone I don't even know. They both don't even live here. I started getting suspicious, but I never got to the answer. A little while after that, I sat bored on the wooden chair by the window, then I decided to peek out the window to see if they were still talking or something, and they weren't; they were having sex in her mom's car with a blanket covering their lower waist. Ruwayda is my ex, so I couldn't give a fuck. A While later I wondered in the house for Little that house was bigger than I actually was from the inside, but I didn't notice a few things that also happened, but I can't remember what. After a while, Edwan's aunty, sister ELA, came and made me something to eat. I said thank you and wanted to leave. When I opened that white painted wooden door and put my feet outside, an older lady who is very old and also somewhat family of Edwan yelled at me because I'm leaving the gate that I never came in through, then she started babbling about her mother always closing her gate, then very hesitantly I abilged and went over to close the gate, then suddenly there was another gate that I had left open, so I closed that and left. After that, the next dream appeared where I was in EPD class, laying my head down on the table as I rarely do in real life, and I started to stand up because Our teacher wants to tell us something, and before I got the chance to walk over to him, Tristan started loudly talking to Ruwayda, who is outside our classes. Still in her mom's car, I'm a little confused but still giving little fucks. He started telling her I wasn't always so quiet and awkward and that when I used to hear music and lay my head down on the table, I would jump up and start dancing. While I listened to this, I couldn't help but give a smirk to that statement, but the thing is that it never happened in real life. So things started to change in the dream, and we just came from a teacher's award ceremony, and our EPD class teacher won and was walking happily in line with us. His walking was very funny, so I decided to walk just like him. After that, we got to class, and the teacher handed out more work for us to do. After that, things got blurry, and I woke up.

I was in some kind of event

I was in some kind of event that looks more like an award ceremony. I was with the school and before the event started we all were playing and as soon as the event started we all grabbed chairs and I was placed in the front because I was given a big position. I was placed next to a man and the man started touching my hand in a very uncomfortable way. The event started and one of my old friend was ordained or something of that sort and a crown was placed on her head. As soon as that happened the man next to me kidnapped me and my old friend after her ordination. We got scared and we were trapped but i found a friend and told her to inform my parents and teachers the place we were in and then our teachers came and rescued us but as soon as we got out one of my close friends suicides too.