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I hear footsteps in the snow by

I hear footsteps in the snow by my bedroom window I hear someone climbing over my fence I get my gun can't remember if it's chambered. I'm waiting full of fear in my bedroom for them to break into my bedroom I wake up still thinking it's real. Then realizing it's a dream I am not holding my gun.

⁃ dance studio ⁃ dancing a song

⁃ dance studio ⁃ dancing a song that i had learned a long time ago ⁃ practiced it for a performance ⁃ cried because i sucked at it ⁃ then went to go perform it in front of this famous judge lady ⁃ we got a high rating and were invited to perform ⁃ i was going home from the audition space ⁃ had my parents’ car, didn’t know how to drive it ⁃ halfway thru i pulled over to call my mom ⁃ a policeman approached me, i told him that i was waiting to pick up my mom and that i was 16 (i don’t have my license though) ⁃ it was too hard to drive so i picked up a mountain bike that was broken on one side from the side of the road ⁃ there was construction and huge trucks everywhere ⁃ i managed to squeeze past and was going super fast ⁃ met another cyclist on the way and she asked me how i was going so fast. i talked to her for a little while too. ⁃ was looking at tiktok (but i had morphed into a nature reporter man out of no where) ⁃ fell into a ditch that was actually a panda home ⁃ one of the pandas could talk/communicate ⁃ was talking to the panda when the tribe went under attack by gorillas ⁃ don’t really remember this part but the gorillas were trying to take the baby pandas ⁃ they entrusted the baby pandas and one of the uncle pandas to me and told me to take good care ⁃ i brought them halfway home when i turned around and went back ⁃ didn’t have an interpreter anymore but there was a panda who could interpret with signs. i told them that if they ever were attacked again to send me a signal, and that i’d come back to rescue them. ⁃ the rest of the dream is pretty hazy. crazy dream. i remember somewhat getting home. hiking through the forest too. DREAM PT 2 (a lot more hazy) ⁃ continuation of the first dream ⁃ when i got home there were a bunch of people on my street ⁃ were all a part of an institution and i joined too ⁃ originally very fun and games ⁃ people were drawing lots to see who would sleep where and have access to what - was inside of my house ⁃ i remember our shoes being removed and being put on the balcony under a red fabric roof ⁃ there were more than 18 floors because i remember the lucky number for the lots being 18 ⁃ separated from preston who went into another group- was sort of my protector amd ended up with this other lady girl and another girl that i vaguely knew from my middle school (was in a grade below me) didn’t know the lady at all but conditioned to feel safe with her ⁃ the three of us slept in the same bed i remember waking up in the middle of the night and seeing the two bodies morphing together. I didn't see the middle school girl at all after that ⁃ at night it became a lot more gruesome and over time it was bad (will explain further later) ⁃ in the mornings ⁃ had to wear white and red tracksuits to differentiate from each other (the groups) the tracksuits reminded me of prison tracksuits ⁃ couldn’t talk to people who weren’t in your group or you’d be taken away ⁃ couldn’t interact at all ⁃ had to complete tasks every day ⁃ i remember not being able to do the electrical task (used my body to connect the wires, almost died) the lady was annoyed with me because I couldn't do the task on my own ⁃ at night everyone was put in this individual chamber in their minds (different for everyone) and it was red and dark ⁃ there were ropes and weird scary shit in the room and the room would progressively get lighter and lighter as time went by ⁃ the goal was to avoid looking at this one light- it was oval and shaped like a keychain of sorts. if you looked at it you’d be removed from the people that you were with (aka killed) ⁃ cut to a theatre with red chairs and a big screen ⁃ i was watching (in 3rd person again) 3 people talk to each other in the theatre ⁃ then all of a sudden there were bubbles and a kiss and then i went into the head of one of the people (i think the bubbles were some sort of inhibitor) ⁃ had to avoid the specific light again but this time the setting was much different ⁃ instead red of a room with ropes, this person’s room had their mom lying down and they had to do their best to look away from the light that was near their mom (was always placed randomly) ⁃ that’s as far as i can remember

I’m going down some stairs, some stone

I’m going down some stairs, some stone steps, into a stone chamber. It looks like something out of a castle. It looks old. I see a pool of water. Then suddenly a mini-monster pops up out of the pool! The mini-monster looks like a classic nasty dinosaur. It walks on its back legs with its long tail. It’s a miniature Tyrannosaurus Rex – a T-Rex, King of the Bad Boys. It jumps out of the pool at me. At first, I’m able to grab it and throw it right back into the water. When it falls into the water, I see it fizzle, like Alka-Seltzer.

I dreamt that I was in a

I dreamt that I was in a room with golden, shining bricks all around it. Also in this room, there was a rather large window that went down to the floor. And out this window, revealed the beautiful, blue sky and the bright sun. I wasn't sure where the window went down to, but I felt as if I was very much raised upon the ground, as if my golden-bricked chamber was part of a canyon. I was feeling very warm, almost hot, probably because of the sun's powerful light. And by this low window, I saw hair of my color (dark blond) by my feet. Then, I felt as if someone was pulling on my hair, and I tried to grasp the hair that was closer to my head so it wouldn't hurt as much. Next, someone was standing in the window. It was a boy that looked about eighteen years old. He had a very pale face and pale blue eyes. He had dark blonde hair like me (but it was short!). He smiled lovingly at me, and walked right up to me. He said "I love you. You mean the world to me." or something like that. The next minute, he took me into his arms and kissed me romantically on the lips. I was shocked at first, then I found myself putting my arms around him too, accepting his kiss. The kiss lasted for several minutes it seems. Then, he released his arms from me, and then, smiling brightly and lovingly at me again, he stepped away and descended from my room. I think that I was Rapunzel and that that boy was the Prince.

A few explorers and I discover an

A few explorers and I discover an underground church that is flooded up to our waists and is very dark. As we enter the underground church a dead body pops up from under the water, at first we are startled, but then we move forward. As we enter the main chamber, we see that there are chains wrapped around the pews, rafters, pretty much everything. When look up to the front of the main chamber above the preachers podium and we see a girl. The girl is drenched in darkness, pretty much like the girl from the movie "The Ring", she is crying and we notice that the chain is attached to a collar around her neck. We talk to her and get her to stop crying. At this time, light shines through to the church and all of a sudden all the towns people are in the church helping untangle the girls chain and release her, as well as my wife and new born baby (which I do not have either in real life). During one point of untangling her, my conscience becomes her, and I am now her swinging through the rafters to untangle myself. Once untangled, my conscience goes back to myself. We break the chain loose from the collar, she instantly flies across the room and grabs my newborn baby from my wife and she threatens to kill it. We subdue her and get the baby from her. Then, while holding a crucifix close to her, but not touching her, the preacher tells her that she should become a christian. We flash forwards in the not too distant future, and she is now living with my wife and I, and she seems to be well. We go to a fitness center to do yoga, but she overhears some kids on the basketball court making fun of her. So, she goes to the basketball court, turns into some kind of monster with a huge spike coming out of her stomach, and kills the kids. We fast forward into the future again, and she has now transformed herself into a beautiful blonde woman, which I end up falling in love with and leaving my wife for.

Very gruesome dream i ever dreamt in

Very gruesome dream i ever dreamt in these days…so cruel and harsh..it just came at a point of our life…We just shifted to a new home in the neighbour city to where we are living..we took an apartment to live in which is so economic..actually it went on good for while that we are playing inside and outside the lawn with the neighbors but….i got to know that some thing is going wrong..i noticed someone is trying to produce an report of witness that there is a bomb inside the apartment we are living…i found it pretty serious for a minute and got into my work later..but the morning…the housewarming function is going on..and something ticked my mind to not to stay in that place more..so.everyone is participating in the function except my aunt…she went away far from the apartment and i am letting my sister to take her away to the safe zone…down to steps ,when i came there i am in perplexion watching a secret code hanged with a witness stating that there is bomb inside the apartment and the word is “NAIL THROUGH” …i asked my aunt whether she knew about that..she said that uncle said me to be in safe zone i already knew that there are bombs to be detonated in the apartment..my inner voice said to what a whore she is..how can be so lavish not intimating everyone about such a dangerous matter…and the explosion started..bombs are being blasted with a huge sounds and our eyes filled with confusion about where to be..the bulding is totally being blasted and the some tiny parts of it are falling on us..and let my mom and sister pulling them to the safe zone more and more..we are recently became citizens of that new city we dont know where to go..we pulled our two wheelers and going out of that area…my mom with dad and my sis on my bike..we are trying to turn around and around..and how ever we are coming to the same place where the building is blasted ..finally we went to police station …. iam frigtened as the people who blasted the apartment are arrested and kept that station..i wondered how dad can take such a stupid decision of going to the police station…and that too ..so big the way ..we didnt directly went to chamber of the inspector..dad took us with a huge luggage to a place where the criminals are hanged and later to the place where the cops keep the corpse of the criminal and pray for the peace of criminal’s soul and then we are at the inspector..dad was so unclear about that and in mean while i took my sister to somewhere hoping atleast about her safety…in the way i noticed my friends (girls) ..they to noticed me and hello ed me..but when i tried to introduce my sister to them they ignored her..s o i left them to their fate and proceeded to my way…then something ticked them and all the girls starting for an attempt to be introduced to my sister …this time i ignored them and they all became dull for doing that..i can see fear in their eyes..but i didn’t moving from that place.. and kept my sister in the safe place..now iam free..now..i noticed a shore of river and it is beautiful now with a lighting..the river was so cool and calm …..the lighting kept in the river was cool and peace…i donated a coin to the beggar and i got a few friends who are extremely new to me..there.

Nd the raven, never flitting, still is

Nd the raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door; And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon's that is dreaming, And the lamp-light o'er him streaming throws his shadow on the floor; And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor Shall be lifted - nevermore!

The dream started off that I was

The dream started off that I was at a camp of some sort at a school and that I was lesbian and dating a girl named Bri (that is in chamber choir with me in real life) and we were all hanging out in a group doing some sort of diversity day/bonding activity and in the group of kids were familiar faces from school and some of my friends. They rest of the group was moving into another room and me and Bri stayed behind taking our time to join, and I could hear and feel everyone talking and looking at us, about how they know we are together and how weird. When we joined the group in the other room they all acted weird to us as me and Bri were comfortably showing affection. Then we were at some house party that I have driven there with my friend Thomas. But instead of me being with Bri I was with my friend Nour who was more than a friend in my dream. There was a different group of people at the party but mostly familiar faces. I was walking through the rooms of the house with my arm around Nour and I saw a group of familiar parents and school staff, specifically Mrs. Franco and Mrs. Deleo. Then everyone was making way for Mrs. Franco who walking up to Annie Deleo with a pregnancy test and we were all waiting for her to take it. Her mom, Mrs. Deleo told everyone at the party to pray for Annie. Then Thomas and I were driving recklessly and we went to a familiar bakery/candy shop where we were meeting my mom, my grandparents and they had a new born baby that was supposedly my cousin’s. The shop was closing and going out of business and I remember feeling sad about it, like it had some memories or some sentimental value to me. Then we were leaving and I was driving my grandpa’s Lexus and I hit my mom’s car a little when leaving the paring lot and but no one noticed. It was night time and I was lost driving home and there was the new born baby strapped in the back with only a regular seatbelt.