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The dream started out with me in

The dream started out with me in a bear's body. I went inside Walmart to pick up some Kim Possible books about her and Ron Stoppable getting together and falling in love in the final season of their show. The next scene involved me in my human body wandering throughout Walmart in a mad attempt to find my mother; I had the Kim Possible love novels with me in a platic bag. I eventually found her exiting through the back of the store that contained all of their planting products. She asked me where I had been for so long and reminded me that I should never wander away from her and I told her that I was just checking out some books and she scolded me by saying "Were you checking out all the books in the world?!" and we left Walmart without me paying for the books. I was fully aware that I hadn't paid for the books and I almost brought it up to my mother, but I kept quiet. In the next scene, I was Ron Stoppable and I somehow traveled to a post-apocalyptic future in which I was married to Kim Possible's rival, Bonnie Rockwaller, and I had come to the future to tell my adult self that I had married the wrong woman (but I never gave a name) and past Kim Possible had also come to the future and she was wondering who I should've married. In the final scene, I was in Chandler Bing's body and I was telling Bonnie. Kim, and Monica Geller how I wish I could be with the woman that I was in love with. And again, I didn't say a name, and I quickly fled the scene without answering their Monica's question's about who I was in love with.

I was going to Disney and i

I was going to Disney and i didn't have enough money to get in and i was with my friend Dreher and then Chandler Edwards came and paid for our tickets and we rode a ride and it was supposed to be happy but it turned out to be full of skeletons and then when we got out it was snowing but it was warm snow and then a coroner came up to us and told us to investigate the crime scene down the street and so we went in a room and there was a woman with a gun and there were a lot of people lined up and she went and shot them in the mouth one by one