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Dream Christmas Eve 2019: Background: I plan

Dream Christmas Eve 2019: Background: I plan on buying a particular used model of a BMW next year. I have a friend named Todd who works on the ocean and visits once or twice a year, he is not here at this time. The Dream: I saw the model car that I want to buy, it was white and I do not want a white car but this had everything else I wanted. The owner let me take it for a ride by myself. Prior to giving me the keys he said “The salesman told me, 'Whatever you do, don't push the static electricity button.” I drove off and really enjoyed the ride. Apparently I did push the static electricity button (as I found out later in the dream). The car ran fine for me and I returned it to the owner and also, apparently, we swapped our shoes with each other for awhile. The next scene I was in a place I would describe as an auditorium. The owner of the car came up to me and we started to swap shoes (I remember that I found that disgusting as I would not want to actually wear someone elses shoes). As we were exchanging shoes he said, “Why did you do it?” I said, “Do what.” He replied, “Push the static electricity button.” I had no answer but told him I would pay to fix it. He said that he had already done that and it was still running poorly and that the car was talking to him. In this scene the previously faceless owner was now my friend Todd. I woke up.

Last night I dreamt fighting with husband

Last night I dreamt fighting with husband but I end up like I was praying for him casting evil spirit but it seems I was I afraid of him and my 11 yrs old boy came to help me I fought deeper in him praying harder I end up speaking in tongues and he started changing his head beaming a woman with long hair I fought with for a long time he seems to have power than me I could not hold himme I couldn't hold him any longer I left him but I kept on praying commanding what ever was making him to change until he was calm I end up seeing myself at work I saw two people came to me very happy giving me money lots of 200rand and 200rand and everyone followed to give me money but I was just worried I went to check mine at the bank only white paper came endless then I counted the money people gave me it was about 5000

I was on a boat with my

I was on a boat with my family. Two of my cousins, My Grandparents and myself. Me and my cousins were playing with their cat. For some reasons I was anxious about sharks even though I love sharks. Eventually my Grandfather stood up and look at the temperature gauge and whatever measures wind speed. He told us that the temperature kept changing from really cold to really hot. The largest was up to almost a 300 degrees difference. Then the wind speed kept going up and down. Fast to slow. My Grandma said something along the lines of "An Act of God?" And I'll I said was "God?" And then I woke up.

My dream was short and to the

My dream was short and to the point. I open my eyes to see myself standing inside of a changing booth at the mall, but as I look toward the mirror in my booth, I see myself as a woman. I am there with some random friends who are also in this booth telling me how my outfit looks. As this happens, I pull out my phone to take a picture of myself in the mirror. However, once the camera app opens I am unable to see myself in the camera and the background vanishes and it’s only me, a mirror, and my booth; with all my friends gone. I attempt to take the photo, and as this happens, the dream begins to fade and the woman I was no longer had a face.

I was outside a building and my

I was outside a building and my friend from high school was there and I saw her baby boy who was splashed with filthy water from on top of the building by some stranger. I go over to the baby boy and pick him up and take him to a baby changing stand to clean the baby up. I ask for water from my friend to help clean her baby, and she comes back with yellow tinted water. I use the water, pouring it over the child and not only did the mess over the baby boy wash away but his physical appearance change where his hair turned blond and his dark eyes change to bright blue ones. I ask for better water and my friend goes and brings back clear water but this time inside the water there are bugs floating inside. I tilt the best I can to give the baby something to drink without the bugs going into his mouth.