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Was bit by a rattle snake could

Was bit by a rattle snake could not find help . Had to take care of two small children, infant and 4 yrs. River was uncrossable. Found store for infants burnt cheeks, b

I went to find the cover of

I went to find the cover of a movie and it started off normal with my dad and i turning into a complex off the street to find a cover. The complex then turned into a deserted area with 2 shacks and a pumpkin. We went into the larger shack and it was a haunted house. I don't know why i went in because i hate everything horror. We got until level 6. Level 6 contained a bear cub. He was lying in the middle of the floor. To get pass the level we had to step over the bear cub. But i knew that with a bear cub comes a mama bear. We ran when the mama bear popped out. My dad and I headed to the smaller shack. It had a sign on the front that read "Mr. Magnum's Movies." We entered and the room was very small. The floor was dirt and there were a set of stairs leading to a second landing. You could see the second landing clearly because it was only a couple of stairs up. On the second landing was an old desk with a very old man sitting at the desk. We asked him if he had the cover of the movie we had and he spoke into a microphone. His voice was barely a whisper we couldn't hear him. He told us that Mrs Natalie had it. He told us to go to the pumpkin outside of the shack and knock and enter. I was the only person who could fit so my dad didn't go in. I knocked on the pumpkin and then entered. It was small so i had to crawl. A lady with crazy, curly, brown hair popped out of the ground and told me to come down. I looked down the hole and found that i had to drop. I dropped into a hovel. It was all dirt and nothing else. She handed me the cover and i climbed out of the hole. When i got out my dad was nowhere to be found and the area had flooded. There was a boat so i hopped on it. It brought me across the water onto a large island and then it crashed. I was in a forest on the island because the ship crashed and i fell off. I heard crying. I followed it and saw 2 babies that were twins and a boy and girl that were 14 years old. The boy was blonde with brown eyes. His name was Evan. The girl had brown hair and brown eyes. Her name was Hannah. The 4 kids were siblings. We walked back to the cliff where you could overlook the water. A couple of days passed and a rescue team came but only dropped off a large table and chairs. A couple dressers and a desk. We set them up and 4 laptops were put on the desk as well. A kitchen magically appeared to the side of the table facing the water. A brown haired, brown eyed boy who was tall and strong appeared one day and became best friends with Evan. I was at the desk one day doing work when Evan came over to me and asked me if i liked Alex. Alex was sitting right there listening so i said "Are you serious?" Then i walked over to Alex put both of my hands on his cheeks and tried to turn his head to Evan. I then said "I mean look at his nose." Alex then said "Whoa, slow down. I've only known you a couple days." The boys then laughed about it. There was a path off to the side and i saw 3 girls from my school walking down it. I wasn't really friends with them but i told them that the boys were annoying me. The next day i was working on the laptop again and i smelt something good. I looked back at the kitchen and saw Alex cooking. But i saw 2 girls in white bikinis stroking his arm and resting their head on his shoulders. I felt really sad and my face fell because i did like him.

I heard 2 knock at the door

I heard 2 knock at the door at this point I was woke, so I laid there waiting on someone to come in no one did.. I started to drift off to sleep but something wore heavy on me to check the door so I got up and opened the door no one was there so I locked it and laid back down. As I started to drifted off I could see my cousin Roy, who is very much alive to date laying in a funeral home. All of the family and loved ones were at the service accept my sister Lana as my Brother and I approached the casket to tell him that we love and will miss him then returned to our seats. the next thing we know it was nolonger Roy Laying there it was Grandma Ada. She sat up and took a deep breath, then streatched her body as though she had been sleep and started to crawl over to me and my Brother. She the stood up and put her hands on my Brother`s cheeks and began to whisper all that I could understand was Evil. She the proceeded to crawl to me she turned and looked at me and knodded her head and tghen she said to us where is Sissy. That is my sister`s knickname. She then crawled back and laid back down. Then my best friend Erica Tapp appeared, she is very much alive to date but in my dream she was dead rose up from the casket and said , " well I guess God is not ready for me yet, lets go". We began to walk and as we reached the outside of the funeral home she asked me did you hear that and I said what. we began to walk a little further and then she ask me again do you hear that and I said yes. She then looked at me and said " well I guess God is ready for me". we could hear the trumpets blowing. we hugged and told each other I LoveYou, she then turned and walked back into the funeral home. The funeral home was very beautiful it was made of stone blocks and cast iron fencing.

My great grand mother woke up from

My great grand mother woke up from death and crawled over to me and my brother and stood up grabbed my brothers cheeks and began to whisper to him all that I could hear was evil. then she crawled to me and knodded and then said where is sissy. Sissy is my big sister and that is what she called her.

My deceased great grand mother woke up

My deceased great grand mother woke up and crawled over to my brother and me and stood up and put her hands on my brothers cheeks and whispered something to him I could only make out evil and she crawled to me and just knodded her her head aqnd then she said where is sissy' that is my big sister and that is what she called her. then my best friend who is alive todate but in the dream she was dead. rose up nd said well i guess that god isn`t ready for me yet lets go. as we walled out of the beautiful funeral home she turned to me and asked do you hear that. I said what' we began to walk a littele more when she said well I guess he is ready for me at that point I heard the trumpets blowing and she said well I have to gonow I love you . She then walked bak into the funeral home madeof brick with gated made of cast iron. It was so beautiful.

It was raining heavily and I was

It was raining heavily and I was with my friends into an old house.I wanted to meet my boyfriend secretly,because my mom was there.I looked through a window and i realized that he was outside.i went downstairs and i saw him in the hall.he hugged me and i started to kiss him in the cheeks and neck.

Me and my family lived in our

Me and my family lived in our old house. My mother said we'd have guests soon, and I went out for a walk. The scenery was normal, yet there was something odd in it. It felt surreal, the forest was like one from a fairy tale. It waa already late, and I was about to go home, but suddenly I felt like I have to go to the bridge near our old house. I ran, and when I arrived I noticed an otter-like creature, but I realised it's a muskrat. It swam on the right side at first, and I rushed to get its attention, but it already swam under the bridge and to the left side, where the water was a lot higher than on the right side which was nearly dry. I saw the muskrat swimming very near the surface, and suddenly it turned into a little girl. She didn't feel human but she looked like one. I talked with her a while, and before going home I said "bring the otters next time!". I went home and it was already dark. I looked into the mirror in our hall, and noticed I had huge scratch marks on my cheeks. I remembered my cheeks being itchy all day. My mom saw them too, and started to clean them up. It didn't sting at all.

My mother is already passed over. 5

My mother is already passed over. 5 years now, but in my dream i dream i just find out my mom has died, but not the same scenario she really did pass. just someone says your mom is dead. and in my dream i burst out crying and sobbing. and i can feel my mom in real life touching my cheeks and rubbing them consoling me, and i wake up crying like a baby.

I was walking out side my house,

I was walking out side my house, there was rain and thick mist. You could only see a few feet in front of you. The weather gave me a mystic and a mysterious feeling. I was walking around my house in my woods. I walked around them once and decided i would walk around a second time, I walked in front of my garden.(in this dream mine and my neighbors garden was connected by a small field in between our land) The mist loosened a bit and I saw a man wave me over, I walked up to him and I almost bumped into him because the mist. The man immediately asked why I wasn't sad, I suddenly realized his daughter died just a few days earlier and the part of her funeral was at my neighbors house. I then said "I am very sorry for your daughter." He got very angry and said I didn't. He said some other things angrily I couldn't remember. He said "She loved you, but she didn't have the guts to tell you." I was shocked and saddened, he then said there was always two words holding her back in life, and he said those words were "yes sir". Then i understood her perspective and felt that things like always following the rules, and doing what your told could hold you back in life. As i stood there speechless he said "your gonna have to pay for not being there for her." He then took out a flat paint knife, grabbed me threw me to the ground. He then began cutting my cheeks open and carved a "smiley face" on my cheeks. He then got up and ran away. Leaving me to die of blood loss. It then came apparent to me that he escaped moved away. And I died on that day and my parents never found my killer or the nature of the crime. NOTE:This man isn't my current neighbor and there is no girl that loves me that is my neighbor, I haven't seen this man ever that I recall