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I have eleven brothers. At IHOP with

I have eleven brothers. At IHOP with two of them as we are leaving my brother Matthias tells me he hasn't slept for six days because its finals week and he is a double major in biochemistry and chemical engineering. I take the keys to our station wagon and then there is a guy with a gun and he wants my purse but I tell him I need to get my grandfather's diary but it's not a diary. It's my own gun and when the guy in the hood sees it he passes out and then I hear a huge thud and Matthias has had a seizure from not sleeping.

I I dreamt when I had reached

I I dreamt when I had reached late for a chemistry practical test and feared to enter. But after my friend getting out they told me it wasnot too late. I should have entered

My dream begins with My dad, his

My dream begins with My dad, his wife and my two half sisters driving home from a family get together in the country. It was well after dark and the girls were fussy and over tired. We saw out the window a small but unfamilliar church as we drove down one of the historical roads with the overarching oak trees (you know , the kind of streets you aren’t allowed to build on or develop?) . From the car we could see the lights in the church were on and people were inhabiting it despite It being late. Dad call from the driver seat , “ hey, Maybe we should go pay them a visit” and I was like “no dad, It’s 11 o’clock at night. Plus, you cant just invite yourself into a church function that’s weird and impolite. “ You just don’t want to go say hi because you think christians are weird” I stopped arguing as we pulled into the empty parking lot ( where were the attendees parking?) . So walked into the church and said hello . The people there were all plump and friendly, and they greeted us as if they expected our company. There was a girl my age wearing a purple sweater that matched the brackets of her braces who wouldn’t stop asking me were I wanted to go to college. The mood changed from jolly to forboding as we decided to leave. The people we met in the church followed us to our car urging us to stay . As we drove home I saw the same church front appear in different places on the route home. Everything seemingly returned to the status quo as we ended our trip and got settled in at home. All the while I was obsessing about the bizarre church and the even stranger people within it . who were they ? Where were their cars? Why were they at church in the middle of the night, in the first place? The next day in chemistry I was telling a friend ( a kid in my chemistry class that I actually can’t stand) about the mysterious encounter and my plan to return the following night. he was like “ whoa , that’s spooky, Don’t go!” and I was like “ I’m definitely going” He said “well, in that case , I’m coming with you” So, we drove out to where the church was passing a few identical churches on the way. We went back to the original site of the church and entered. Its patrons hadn’t left . When we enter they all came at us trying to restrain us. Before they were upon us I tried to reopen the door and escape. I had locked automatically. Then just when the situation seemed most dire, my friend pulled out a pocket knife , and broke a window through which we escaped and sped away in my car. The Church building followed us , popping up sporadically on streets that had been empty before.

I let a customer in the business

I let a customer in the business late when we were closing and she told everyone how great i was and then a young boy who was a former co-worker came up to me and gave me a red hibiscus flower and i kissed him on his lips and i felt chemistry with him and he told everyone.

Nest of bird, i am a teacher

Nest of bird, i am a teacher and teaching chemistry. students aretoo noisy, my employer called me. father-in-law, mother-in-law, eating chicken

I had a dream that I had

I had a dream that I had a huge assignment due in a class I took last year, chemistry. I was freaking out trying to do it but I couldn't do it. No matter how hard I tried I felt like I was failing. Then my chemistry class turned into my English class and my teacher grades someone's out loud and he was nervous and shaky.

I had a dream that I was

I had a dream that I was in a zombie apocalypse at school. I helped everyone beat it off and went on a secret mission to save my friends and kill the mastermind behind it. The only safe place was a chemistry lab and half the school barricaded ourselves in and had to keep really quiet when the monsters went past. Then I disguised myself as a minion and made a boyfriend and we threw the criminal mastermind off the side of a building.

My dream took place in the future,

My dream took place in the future, 10 years from now, and it seemed like I was just living my normal life. I was an adult (i'm 16), and it seemed like I didn't recognize I was dreaming or anything. I woke up in a queen sized bed, by myself. But, I went to the high school (the one i go to now) and here we see that I became a Chemistry teacher, and that I also teach Human Anat and Phys. and a Neuroscience Class, instead of becoming a doctor in neurology (my big dream, which I am actually not so sure about anymore). I teach class as usual, and then I come home later that night. As I'm cooking dinner, I hear the door open and close, and I yell "Hey Honey!", to see my 'husband' actually looks familiar to me. (He is actually one of my really close guy friends, who i love at the moment, but is dating someone else - you can if you want learn more about it through my previous questions if you want more insight) He came home from his job, which I forget exactly what it was. In the next few days, I learn that my former chemistry teacher and science fair advisor from my science fair project (who I am close with at the moment), is a really REALLY close friend of mine. He still teaches at the school, and He is a close friend of my 'husband' and I. The dream just then continues to go through the next few days, and I see my younger brother (who is four now) who is a sophomore at the school walk around the building at times. You also see me working by the older version of my teacher, and joking around with him. It just seems like everything and everyone is happy in this dream. A few days later, my husband (the friend who I have feelings for) and I find out that I am pregnant. I remember the scene where my husband and I first tell my teacher, saying "we were dining for three." My teacher then hugged me so tight, kind of like he did when I won the State Science Fair last year. The dream then went by so quickly, it was then about 4 months later, when we find out it's a boy. My husband and I were trying to think of names. My husband then suggested "Hayden", because it is how we first met. I realize that that is the last name of my teacher. He wants to name it after him. So the next day at school, during our lunch break I ask him, and he was extremely flattered. He gave me a long hung, and just teared up a bit. The dream ends there, when my alarm clock in my waking life woke me up.