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I was leading a herd of chickens(maybe

I was leading a herd of chickens(maybe some duck) to shelter from the rain when suddenly two capybara wearing a safety vest & helmet speed ahead of everyone. One of them climbed a later and fell because they were moving to fast. It got up keep trying to climb the ladder and kept falling down, so I started to catch it when it fell down and it started to lick my cheek.

I am in a large, turn of

I am in a large, turn of the century house. I wander through it, looking for someone, but I can't remember who - or who owns the house. The dream is vivid. I can hear chickens, smell dust and mustiness in rarely used spaces, I can pick up and examine objects (many of which I remember from somewhere. These things are detailed, often personal, lovely but I can't remember who they belong to or if they might have been mine at that time somehow), I can feel the heat of the fire in the stove and delight at using the water pump in the summer kitchen. It all feels familiar as I search the house up to the attic and then down (very steep, narrow stairs to that attic!) When I get to the cellar door in the kitchen, I start to feel foreboding - but compelled to keep searching. As I go down the stairs to the cellar, I can identify the coal shed door, on old cast iron heater of some kind and another door. I look through the cellar, open the door to the coal shed and then approach the other door. It is identifiably different or out of place but I can't pin down exactly how it is different or what makes it out of place. I do "know" that I am strongly compelled to open it - and too terrified to. Extreme dread and foreboding when I reach for that doorknob usually wake me - sometimmes screaming. I have wakened my family peiodically through my life with this. I can't remember the first time I had the dream but I've had it throughout my life. It tends to leave me very nervous and unsettled, sometimes for days.

So Idk if I was driving a

So Idk if I was driving a police car or not but I was driving on the passenger side or shotgun. So I was at this house and for some reason, I was looking at some scarecrows. But then I think Selena Gomez, yes I know a celebrity was there. Burning down the house and we had to get all the animals out of there. Mostly chickens. I had this dream before and Some house I knew how t stop the house from burning down. So then once all the animals were safe and sound we went to our car but it was gone. And for some reason, we knew that the celebrity had taken it. So we were searching a car and well the only car that was there was the police car and my Dad for some reason he doesn't live with us anymore. and somehow my sister and brother appear out of nowhere. Took the car and we drove to these stores in which I can not remember. And so the police owner of the car and found us through his GPA and my dad was trying to talk to him but couldn't so I snatched it from him and talked to the police guy. and that's about it