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It started out with a zombie apocalypse,

It started out with a zombie apocalypse, I didn’t see any zombies I just knew it. I’m out in the hot summer run in a lush green forest, looking for food and shelter. There’s a rustle behind me and I turn, hunter’s knife in hand and it’s an older man with a little kid hiding behind him. They look hungry, hungrier than me. I ask him why dosent he try out for our district’s competition. Sure it’s a zombie apocalypse but we still had a form of government. And this one held a competition twice a year for the common people to live in the capital if they won, runner ups get food. We travel to the compound where it’s being held. Like a metal auditorium, small and the steel is surprisingly not boiling hot. I trained the little girl in preparation for the competition, I’ve grown close with her and her dad. Revealing I had competed when I was 16 and won. But now I was living as an outsider. The compound soon fills with families also competing. We get sat next to a redhead family, I can tell something is off with the dad by the way he sighs as he watches his young twin daughter play. We fill out paperwork as the 13 or so judges come in and take their seats. I recognized a few but one knew me. He smiles and tilts his head in a respectful way. I turn away feeling my face go red. First is the kids spouting off facts about our government. Next to compete are the fathers. They’re made to kill zombies, the red head father almost died. A zombie aiming for his neck, I kicked it away from me and the girls and the guy I’m with kills it. The night ends, the judges leave but we are made to sleep on the steel benches and dirt floor. There’s a small lamp, I remember someone once telling me the capital uses these little lamps to signal for electricity. Turning it off is considered a crime. I’ve competed before, I know what comes the next day. I know I’m the only one awake, I turned it off to give me an extra leg up in tomorrow’s competition. Then it’s tomorrow, everyone wakes. No one notices the lamp. The judges come back, the one I know personally gives me a smile as he sits. I hear whispers. The capital holds this event twice a year because they’re struggling to keep people alive in their secluded area. It’s true. I used to live there so I know it is true. I say nothing, no one can know I competed before. I need to help the little girl and her father, they’re my friends. It’s time to complete. I look over at the tired red headed father and know immediately what he is thinking. I whisper to him, don’t kill yourself, your daughters and wife need you. He looks surprised, I shrug and get down from my seat and stand near his wife. There’s a song we are meant to sing but the tablet with the lyrics isn’t working. There’s no electricity, I made sure of that. I know the default song, it’s the district’s anthem. They have us sing it while they wrote our scores. I sing soft for the parts I know I won’t get right and belt out the parts I know I can nail. This is how I was taught to sing. By the judge that I know. He looks proud I remembered his teachings from when I was younger. I hold back a grimace. They give us our scores, we have to add them together. There’s comments left next to the scores. I notice the judge I know left me a x8. I can multiply my entire score by 8 to get the highest score and win. He leaves me a flirty compliment. The dream ends before I can get my final score.

The angel who redeemed me from all

The angel who redeemed me from all calamity appeared on my wall on the day of atonement in my apartment 1401 ELIZABETH ST Jefferson City mo

So I was chilling neh then I

So I was chilling neh then I came across Jobe Bellingham and he was still wearing his old red Birmingham away shirt while resting after training for a while I saw that he removed the Birmingham city football club logo on the shirt but the Nike sponsor was still there ... I asked him about it and he said that he wanted to preserve some clothes for training but still not get sued for not wearing the right clothes that is the reason why he removed the logo. We talked and talked and I asked him if my breath was distinct or if he had gum . He asked what was wrong I told him someone was smoking and he offered me his deodorant spray asap and fixed my breath with sweet and then later he went to practice again and his family mark and Denise were about to arrive when he came quickly to fix my sexy short dress that he liked so much when we were together to be presentable and he fixed my appearance where it was leaking therefore after i met his parents and he was eyeing me like crazy that sexy eye look. Before his parents come he was turned on by my dress and outfit

I was walking in one of the

I was walking in one of the streets in the capital city of my country with my mum and big sister, as we As we were walking I left them standing on the footpath of the street and walk up to the canteen to buy a snack, suddenly when I was on my way to meet my mum and sister, I saw my girlfriend approaching towards where my mum and sister were standing. Without hesitation I excitedly run to her and shook hands with her we talk and continue with a walk. Me and my girlfriend were walking in the front and my sister and mum was walking behind us. As we were continuing with our walk, suddenly one girl which is my Crush at this moment showed up at scene and was telling me to put the slippers on my feet. That’s all

I went on a roadtrip with my

I went on a roadtrip with my old professor and some kids I never met before and I accidentally chocked one of them. After that I went with my current classmates in the center of our natal city and after this trip our teacher was so mad at us that she split the class in two. After I went home I had a party with my family and my mother was dead, and the party was right across my childhood home that has been in the family for generations but it was in a totally different place and painted pink

There was a lightning storm that started

There was a lightning storm that started at the neighbors house . It stared a fire which burned into my house. I was with my husband and my daughter. My dog was there also. We ran from it.the storm was in the whole city.When it stopped my husband was able to call his sister to see if we could stay at a hotel she works with.we got in a truck to drive to the hotel.

First part was we were at school

First part was we were at school and we had an event. My first ex came because she was some soft of a visitor there. We we are somewhere café and I wanted to talk to her and be her best friend again but she is always busy and had to go home since her parents were outside as I was still trying to talk to her. My second dream was weird, we were somewhere not near the city and just grass and some trees. There were a lot of people and we were divided by 3 each at least. each has their own hiding spot and we would change our spots so the ones that will check on us will not recognize us for we were planning for an escape. It was fine at first, not really brutal but scary. The soldiers would randomly check and kill if they want to. I was with an older person like a 5 years gap and a baby. Each should have a baby and must protect the baby at all costs. At the beginning, we kept on changing spots and that draws an intimate connection with the person I was with. I start imagining the older person as my second ex and want to kiss him/her badly. So i keep trying to kiss her/him intimately when I had the chance to and he/she would not want it much for it was wrong but she/he was patient with me and understood me. So then, the last kiss was long and very passionate as I imagine my lips on the lips of my ex. It was tender, felt so good, and felt so real. I kept on saying sorry to the older person but I cannot help it. The third dream was kind of fast, it was the worst prison that I could go to. They had the monstrous boss and would kill you if you dont have a baby that you are protecting or feeding. each one has their own cell and the two older ppl must have at least one baby that they are currently taking care of. I was paired with someone and one person joined us in that cell and we gave her our baby out of pity and that left us with none. There was a checker person that was in favor of us and wanted to help us so he told us to ask for someone elses baby to take care of. So right away, we saw the front of has like 4 babies so we asked for one and promised to take care of it and we were just really close to each others cell. So then, we planned an escape but my dream ended with imagining of escaping and finding a big city. it was a lucid dreaming, i was making a big city out of the prison so taht we could stay there and be safe. I woke up and got mixed feelings.

School test pairing something like that Taehyung

School test pairing something like that Taehyung was my partner since we use to date I was late he left me and did it with someone else And then when I told him why he didn’t wait for me He told me he wanted to break up A girl asked him to date him He look at me and left Later I found out that I was pregnant I tried calling taehyung but he never picked up My family sent him the test on paper He didn’t look at it Years later he’s back in the city He is performing and I went to tell him The whole show he is making it as if he hated me the moment he saw me His best friend jungkook ignore me when I ask him to tell taehyung to meet me later in the changing room Taehyung kinda insults me in front of millions people I had enough and left I came home crying Taehyung came to my place when he came my grandma asked him if he got the paper and ask him if he knew how my life has been hard raising my child by myself He still have no idea it’s his child too He came to my room and talked to me About his life Then I woke up from the dream