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In highschool classroom and hallways and often

In highschool classroom and hallways and often during the dream beginning to lose the clothes I'm wearing until fully naked and embarrassed or sometimes fully naked to start the dream..sometimes running in the hallway and it's packed with other kids..former classmates who I was never close with tend to be the ones I remember from the dream.

Im in a classroom bymyself i looked

Im in a classroom bymyself i looked at the chalkboard ans all of the sudden i see the earth as i was staring at the earth i see seven angels coming toward me. I saw one angel going to the state of California and another angel going over the state of Kansas City and the five angels coming toward me.

I find myself in an old high

I find myself in an old high school. the school is huge, the building itself is square, it has 4 floors and a basement. the center of the building is open (picture the pentagon design center but with 4 sides). The building is Dark, it seems to be lit only by candles but no light source can be seen. the stairwells are located at each corner of the building and are massive built of old wood and marble steps. in my dream I am lost trying desperately to remember where my locker is. i cant remember where my locker is, I cant remember which class I am late for or where the classroom is. I know I am late and missing classes and I am panicked, running around each floor trying desperately to remember where I am supposed to be. The whole time I am aware I am not prepared for any class; no books or notebook. I have had this dream many times over the last year. I am 50 y.o. i am a Scorpio. born 10/26/1969

Teacher picks me up by the arms

Teacher picks me up by the arms and holds me in front of the class. He starts screaming mean things about me and I am afraid. He warns me that I don't want to know what he will do to me if I return. Suddenly I am in the hallway. I walk back to that classroom. He tells me that he warned me. He backed me into a corner and pulled out a knife.

I had a dream there were individual

I had a dream there were individual desks in a classroom and there was a male lion on the desk and then I started running with someone and I ran into this plastic ben and hid but the person I was with got aten alive by the lion

I was at school and my ex

I was at school and my ex was there and some old faces too and I was just walking around campus and meeting everyone and then I was in the cafeteria area alone with just my ex having a private meal and he was acting stupid and I was acting normal and he had this thing and it mocked me and then the scene changed to me opening a door for some girl and a celebrity and then going around campus to find out i lost my backpack and notebook to me looking for it and finding out where it was, from my full real name being announced; I was thinking shit some people don't know my name, as I go by MilaToro for my job in real life right now. And it got announced on the school speaker by a teacher for all to hear; along with my and age that I'm going to be next year and I franticly went to the room and the teacher was there on the steps to enter the classroom and he saw me and gave gave me my stuff and to find out it wasn't my notebook that someone else had it and i thought it was my ex who had it but i kept the notebook anyway. As I’m walking away I told the girl next to me and told her well it's filled with math notes i midst well keep it as i can learn from it. Then it jumped form the school campus grounds to urban ranch styled homes and bulls in the grass fields. I was I guess still looking for my notebook and to the left of the grassy fields was the school outside campus, I was running from street to campus walkways to the grass fields and somehow ended up being chased by multiple bulls and running to jump over the gate into the flowers to be safe the bull was so close to smashing me. It's ironic because the bull I was thinking in my dream was a representation of me , because my horoscope is a Taurus and I'm in the month of May right now in real life and my birthday is 6 days away. Anyway I never finished the area because then I woke up.

I dreamt I was in Yosemite and

I dreamt I was in Yosemite and I was with Caleb and Callie and other people and we were swimming. And I climbed the rocks and jumped over the waterfall. I was in a house with a lot of people and I got up to use the bathroom and someone whispered hello and I got scared. Then the next morning I told everyone and they heard it too. Then I was in a classroom and I kept seeing a back figure and it was trying to kill me and my sister. It came out and I attacked it but it wouldn’t die. Our teacher also lit us on fire but we didn’t get burned. Then they turned the lights off on us while there was a dance going on.